30 Nov

2021 refund process

2021 BHFC players are advised that the partial refund of 2021 fees is now open. Follow the directions from HFI.


01 Nov

2022 PL pre-season training starts soon!

Pre-season Premier League training commences Tuesday 9th November.
Training will be on every Tuesday AND Thursday til 16th December. 7.30pm - 9pm TH#4Post Christmas training start date is to be confirmed.

You will need:

* to be double vaccinated and produce evidence of such when you attend your first session.
* sign in with the Ted Horwood QR code on the fence at the ground.
(masks not necessary at this stage)

If you are unwell or have been in contact with someone who is unwell STAY AWAY.
Please observe all NSW Health covid protocols, and if you have been advised to be tested or isolate, you must do so.

If you receive notification that you are a close contact (and you have attended training), you must contact Tony Hughes immediately 0432 056 959

We're looking forward to seeing you all. Spread the word!

BHFC is a division of Baulkham Hills Sports
06 Oct

AGM 2021

Members are advised that the BHFC AGM is scheduled for October 25. 7.30pm.

This meeting will be a Zoom meeting. Invitations will be sent by Cameron our Competition Secretary as per monthly meeting Zoom protocols of the last few years. If you are not sure whether you are on his list please contact him via: Cameron.Hume@rsm.com.au

BHFC AGM 2021 Agenda
Bhfc 2021 Agm Agenda As Amended (5)

BHFC AGM 2020 minutes
Agm Minutes October 2020
Egm Minutes December 2020

06 Aug

Season 2021 Abandoned

Please find below a message form HFI.

We thank HFI for working over the last few months to try to find options for us to complete the season. Ultimately this was out of their hands and the season can not continue.


07 Jul

Stay home, Stay safe, Stay united

Following today's announcement of the NSW Government's extension of their stay-at-home orders, Hills Football can advise that all football activities will continue to remain suspended until 11.59pm on Friday, 16 July 2021.

See full story below for more details


05 Jul

Please obey all public health orders.

Please obey all public health orders. Please don't gather in groups more than 10. No training, no games.

By all means stay fit and healthy by exercising. But don’t break public health orders in doing so. Hills Area Command police via their FB page have indicated they will no longer hand out warnings, they will now be fining people.

Be responsible. Be compliant.

We have one more week. That’s all. Let’s do this right Baulko.

Special thankyou to all our members who are heeding the regulations, and as much as you don’t like it, are still obeying the public health orders in the spirit in which they were issued.

03 Jul


It's very disappointing to see BHFC players turn up to Ted Horwood in team groups wearing football boots and BHFC clothing, then debating the fact that they are just at the park with friends. With pop up goals, cones, multiple footballs etc...

You are splitting hairs. You can say you are not training but that is exactly what it is.

The messaging to us has been clear. There is no football related activity permitted at Ted Horwood.

The sign at the park is attached. It is clear.

Please observe these regulations to avoid the club and or individual teams being fined or facing suspension.


Pease stop!

Sadly this is not limited to one age group/team. We all want to get back to football asap. You are not the only ones missing football. But you are the ones who could be responsible for jeopardising an early return for yourselves or all of us.

Let's stick together and do the right thing. As frustrated as we all are, we have to go through this together.

Tony Hughes

BHFC President.


26 Jun


The irony is not lost on us. This week is 12 months since our return to football after the first lockdown. But we can do this.

Members are advised that all football activities are suspended til at least July 9. We will get through this with the cooperation of everyone.

There is strictly no training during this period. That will be difficult, but please obey the health department orders.

We will be back very soon. Look after yourselves and keep in touch with your mates . This too will pass.


28 Jun

BHFC School Holiday Clinics- CANCELLED

Unfortunately, due to covid lockdown, this holiday clinic has been cancelled. All registered participants will be refunded in full.

BHFC will be running football clinics during the July school holidays. The clinics (U8 - U14) will be held on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th July from 9am – 1pm on Ted Horwood Field 2. The clinics will be a mixture of skills training and small sided games. They will be run by Hills Football coaches.


Registration is through the link below.



The cost of the clinics is $60 for one day or $100 for both days.

Please deposit the applicable fee to:

Baulkham Hills Football Club

BSB: 062-336

A/C: 1005 6447

Include the player’s surname and ‘Clinic’ on the narration.


For more information or queries call David Burns on 0414 878407.

24 Jun

NEW Covid protocols

Please be advised of additional covid protocols for the weekend and next week. The biggest difference for us all is mask wearing.

Anyone attending football matches or training must wear a mask.

People may remove their mask only for strenuous physical exercise (e.g. to warm up, train, play or referee), or when eating or drinking, and must put their masks back on at all other times, including spectators, coaches, managers, substitutes etc.

There are exemptions that apply for children under 12, people with autism or intellectual disabilities and other health conditions.

Stay safe everyone and please comply with all covid safe protocols.

Full guidelines can be found at the following link:


24 Jun


Members are reminded that Ground Officials undertake an important role in maintaining a safe and fair environment at our ground. As well as enjoying a great morning or afternoon in the beautiful bush surroundings of Ted Horwood Reserve, we ask that Ground Officials remain engaged and fully aware of all that is going on around them. Intercede before situations become problematic, rectify or advise execs of unsafe circumstances, work with Team Officials from both BHFC and opposition teams to maintain a fair match environment for teams and referees/ARs, and guide people around the park to the field at which they will play.

Thankyou to all our volunteers who undertake this vitally important role in our club.

Ground Official duties can be found at the following link:


23 Jun

Kookas Canteen closed

Members and visitors are advised that Kookas Canteen will be closed Saturday and Sunday June 26 & 27. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Stay safe everyone.

AAM 15s Family Affair
22 Jun

BHFC Uniform reminder

Players must wear full BHFC uniform.

Please remember:

BHFC shorts are branded shorts only available through the club. Maroon school shorts or bike shorts are not our uniform.

BHFC socks are plain maroon – no hoops, no stripes. Socks are available through the club. However, any full maroon football sock is suitable as long as it matches ours.

Black, red, or white socks or shorts ARE NOT OUR UNIFORM.

Players out of uniform will not be permitted to play.

Instructional Refrees are also reminded that they are required to wear BHFC shorts and scoks while refereeing.

Let’s wear our uniform with pride.

We are Baulko!

18 Jun


IMPORTANT NOTICE: For tomorrow June 19 the canteen will be card only. NO CASH. Thankyou for your understanding.

Please pass this around

04 Jun

Game Training Coaching Course

BHFC Coaches are reminded of the next Game Training Phase Coaching Course.

Registered BHFC coaches are eligible for a refund of fees upon the completion of the course.

Below is the details of the course:


Mon 21st, 28th June, 5th, 12th July




North Rocks Park, North Rocks Rd




"Game training phase"

For coaches training 13+ year old players

In the Game Training Phase the coach’s aim will be the development of tactical awareness, perception and decision making through a game related approach to training.

The course is conducted over 14 hours, is fully practical and provides the coach with training sessions designed to help the players apply the Functional Game Skills in a team setting.

Registration link



01 Jun

Returning players HFI 2021 rebate CLOSES SOON

Regarding the returning players discount, members are asked to note: that the request form will close on 14th June 2021.


Nice work buddy
31 May

Message to members from HFI

Please find below a message to members from HFI as a result of the recent Presidents' Meeting.

All coaches and managers should be aware of the by laws and penalties imposed should the by laws not be adhered to.

HFI Message to Members | Hills Football Association

12 May

PL players wanted

Baulkham Hills FC are looking for First Grade Premier League players for the remainder of the season. If you would like to trial please contact our Coach Bill Griffith 0416269780.

07 May


The following closures will be in force this weekend May 8
* TH #1 CLOSED - No Funskills

Please do not warm up or train on closed fields. They are closed for a reason. Thankyou for your understanding.

If you are unsure whether your game is being played over the weekend please check with Cameron our Competition Secretary.

Some games may be accommodated on alternate fields and Cameron will be the only one who will have accurate advice on this.

05 May

Coach/Manager ID cards

HFI have issued all registered coaches and managers U12 - O45 ID cards. These must be worn or you will not be permitted in the Technical Area.
If you do not have your ID card with you and the referee asks you to move from the Technical Area you have no choice but to do so.

ID cards will be avaiable for collection from Wendy at the canteen between 8 - 1pm

07 May

Female only Minitildas Coaching course

As part of our female football week HFI are offering a female only minitildas certificate. The session is open to any female, be that a player, coach, manager, parent or committee member. There is no expectation that the individuals need to have coached before, or currently do coach. They may never coach again after the session!

Facebook event is: https://www.facebook.com/events/208496927517558/?ref=newsfeed

Here are the brief details of the session:

When: Wed 23rd June

Time: 6-9pm

Venue: Valentine Sports Park (FNSW) Field 4

Cost: FREE

Registration Link: https://education-ffa.sportingpulse.com/Entry/?EID=23749

Hills Football Inc
Dan Sheppard
Head of Football/TD

05 May


(Remember if you attend one of these courses as registered coach or manager BHFC will reimburse you all course fees).

What: Game Training Certificate

Dates: 26 May, 2, 9, 16, 17 June (aim is to complete on the 16th, 17th is there as a backup, should delivery take longer than expected)

Time: 6-8:30pm

Venue: The Hills Grammar School

About the course:

For coaches training 13 and older players. In the Game Training Phase the coaches aim will be the development of tactical awareness, perception and decision making through a game related approach to training. The course is normally conducted over 14 hours, is fully practical and provides the coach with training sessions designed to help the players apply the functional game skills in a team setting.

Cost: $90

Registration Link: https://education-ffa.sportingpulse.com/Entry/?EID=23464

Hills Football Inc
Dan Sheppard
Head of Football/TD

23 Apr

Walking Football


What is Walking Football?

Walking Football is a small-sided, low-impact, modified version of the game, suitable for all levels of ability and fitness, from people who are returning to sport after a break or those who’ve never played before.

  • It is low-impact, team-based exercise, utilising the defined ‘Walking Football Rules and Formats’ specifically non-contact with the players ‘always having one foot on the ground’.
  • The program focuses on passing rather than speed/running. Matches are played with modified formats on smaller pitches with shortened game times
  • Delivered through the Hub format, the Walking Football Program ensures the environment is inclusive, fun, engaging for both new and returning players.

Walking Football aims to provide participants physical & mental health benefits, social connectedness, and promotion of the benefits of ongoing physical activity.

Football Australia – Walking Football page – Walking Football | Play Football

Hills Football Inc – Walking Football Schedule for 2021

HFI/KDFC Come ‘n’ Try Walking Football events:

  • Saturday 1st May @ Kenthurst Park (hosted by Kenthurst & District FC)
  • Saturday 8th May @ Kenthurst Park (hosted by Kenthurst & District FC)

HFI Walking Football League:

Commencing from Saturday 5th June 2021 HFI will facilitate the first ever HFI Walking Football League, running each Saturday from Kenthurst Park. The competition will run for 8 Weeks incorporating 7 Rounds plus Play-offs; 7v7 on the SSG field setup (40m x30m).

For more information and to register you own (individual) or your Teams (Walking Football League) interest please complete the below EOI Link:

HFI Walking Football – https://form.jotform.com/210898153234861

HFI Walking Football enquires to : office@hillsfootball.com.au

14 Apr


WARNING: there is a scam being circulated in email that is attached to our president email address. We had the same problem last year... If you receive an email from the president requesting help or anything similar, (like money transfers) etc IGNORE IT.

If you don't know whether an email is from our president check the address. It should be president@bhfc.org.au All the spam emails are coming from various addresses nowhere close to this one. CHECK SENDER EMAIL ADDRESS.

As challenging as it is for Tony to have had so many calls, it is also heartening to know so many people are ready to help!

NOTE: We have not yet had other executive email addresses hit, but please be cautious of those emails too.

11 Apr

TH #1 Closed

Please note Ted Horwood #1 is closed til further notice. DONOT train or warm up on field 1 please.

30 Apr

Presentation 2021

Members are reminded to save the following dates for 2021 presentation:

Funskills TBA

Junior Pres U8 - U17 Sunday November 7

Senior Pres YL - O45 Friday October 29

07 Apr


Members and supporters are reminded to be Covid safe in our return to football this weekend.

* Stay home if you are unwell

* Use the QR code at the the ground

* Social distance at all times.

* Sanitise hands and sanitise equipment being used.

* Come dressed ready to play.

* Get in, play, and get out.

* Do not share drink bottles, or food containers

* Do not share clothing, bibs, shirts etc.

Thanks for your vigilance, and all the best for R1!

08 Apr

Uniform or gear collection?

Need uniforms or gear/team bags for R1? Thursday night is your last chance.... No gear or uniform collections happen after Thursday. The uniform shop is closed on the weekends.

All uniform info can be found at the Uniform Shop link on the top menu bar of this website. The link is here for your convenience.


06 Apr

Shorts and socks

Members are reminded that Wednesday April 7 is the final day to order and pay for shorts and socks for R1.

Please remember: Shorts and sock orders must be placed and paid for by Wednesday of each week to be available before the following weekend.

12 Apr

O60s football survey

Members are invited to take part in a survey conducted by BHFC's Keith Pierce. O60s football is a passion for Keith and he's interested in hearing from anyone who'd like to be involved.

Please only participate if you are over 60 yrs. Feel free to share this survey with anyone who is in that category and interested in continuing football. You don't necessarily have to be BHFC members to participate, but for the sake of authenticity, only respond if you are actually interested in playing O60s football.


The survey is 4 easy questions. It will take less than a minute to complete. If you have any further input and would like to contact Keith please do that offline.

NOTE: This survey is not connected in any way with Baulkham Hills Football Club (BHFC) or Hills Football Association (HFI). It is not reproduced here in any affiliated capacity by either organisation.

29 Jan

2020 HFI rego discount

Members are reminded that the 25% HFI rego discount is in actual fact a percentage refund of 2020 fees rather than a discount of 2021 fees. The refund reflects the shortened 2020 season. This year is a full season, hence no discount for 2021.

ie If you did not pay registration fees in 2020, you can not claim the 25% in 2021.

2020 players your 25% discount is available here. Follow the link and redeem your discount. Thankyou Hills Football.


30 May

COVID Information

We have setup a page on the club website with links to documents and information related to COVID and returning to football.

COVID Information

29 Mar

Coaches/Managers REGISTER NOW!

Coaches and managers have been emailed, texted and reminded on numerous occasions to register. There are still a lot of teams who have not registered a coach or manager .Even teams entered in the State Cup..


HFI will be sending out access codes any time now. If you are not registered you will not be able to see the team sheet and your team will not be permitted to play.

Wendy has reached out to all teams. The ball is now in your court. Please do this today.

29 Mar

Funskills 2021

If you are looking for more information about our Funskills program please follow the link at the top of our page. Season 2021's first drop down menu item is Funskills.

The link has also been placed here for your convenience.


Funskills is our U6/ U7 beginning football program for our littlest Kookas.

Follow the link about to find start date, FAQ, contact info and everything you need to know about Funskills.

26 Mar

Baulko's oldest and wisest!!

Well lookey here! Baulko's favourite Septuagenarian is FFA's favourite too!

Congratulations Terry! That's quite some record.


21 Mar


FINALLY!! Thanks for your patience everyone. We have shorts and socks- AT LAST! The first round order of hoodies has also arrived. So if you have ordered, paid and received a confirmation email from Cath please click on the uniform shop link to find opening hours. http://website.bhfc.org.au/bhfc/menu-items/uniform...

If you're not sure whether your order has been processed please email roundball@bhfc.org.au to check.

STRICTLY NO WALK UP PURCHASES. WE ARE NOW CASHLESS. Orders have been filled in the order in which they were received.

All new players can have ID checks at these times too. Please bring in an original document: passport or birth certificate.

12 Feb

2021 new style hoodies available to order now!

New year - new threads!
Get your new 2021 hoodie now.
These items are available now for pre-order. First cut off: Feb 28. Further bulk orders will be arranged based on demand.

Image and sizes can be found here: http://s3.amazonaws.com/bhfc-uploads/uploaded_file...

Online Uniform shop here: http://website.bhfc.org.au/bhfc/menu-items/uniform...

08 Feb

Rego reminder

For those following along on facebook...
Well today we have a new record. A disgraceful new record. It took less than 24 hours for our registration sign to be cut down from our own home ground. All around the district clubs of every sport have signs hanging on fences other than their home grounds, and have had for weeks now...

We rely on advertising to jog people's memory to register. We are almost ready to form teams, following which we nominate teams to HFI and we will no longer be able to register extra teams. This means age groups will be closed to new teams. We don't want anyone to miss out.

MEMBERS WE NEED YOU! We need you to spread the word to come to Baulko and register now. We can do this! It's a challenge but we are up for the fight! Whoever you run into this week, tell them about us, invite them to come and play at Baulko. Bring along everyone: new to football or returning. Let's get the word out: #GoBaulko.

We'll save our thoughts about whomever is doing this...

06 Feb

Registration 2021

Registration for the 2021 season is OPEN NOW!.

Below are the steps to register for 2021. Please remember we now use 'Play Football' . The process is quite straight forward.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to register in and pay accordingly for the age group you intend to play rather than your chronological age.
eg. If you turn 11 in 2021 but intend to play in U12, register as an U12 player, similarly players turning 7 in 2021 who wish to play in U8 should register as U8s.
This applies to all players in any age eg a 17 year old who wishes to play in seniors should register as PL/AAM/ or PYL as the case may be..

Step By Step Players Rego
Step By S Tep Rego Coach

Direct all queries to the registrar: registrar@bhfc.org.au

IMPORTANT: There is a HFI enforced Registration cut off to play Round 1. Please make sure you don t leave registration queries til the last minute or you may miss R1 . Late registrations are accepted after this date for Round 2 onwards.. dates will follow

06 Feb

FAQ Rego

For your convenience, please find below 19 hints and tips to help you with registration. We’ll have more FAQ for pre-season and the season proper in the weeks to come.

How do I register?

Registration is completed online. Simply go to 'Play Football' and select our club: Baulkham Hills Football Club. If you have any questions email our friendly registrar Wendy, she's only too happy to help. registrar@bhfc.org.au

Is it too early to register?

No. Now is the perfect time to register.
Registration opened January 4. Registering early let's us know your intention. This helps us create enough teams for all interested players. It also ensures that you will play in Rnd 1.

Registration is complete when online payment is made in full.

What is the deadline for registration?

To play in Rnd 1 you must be registered by April 1.

You can register after this date but you must register by Tuesday of the week before you want to play.

If you register late, contact the registrar to check when you can play.

Who is eligible to register?

Boys, girls, men and ladies are all welcome to play at Baulko.

Players should be 5 years of age at the younger end of the scale.

At the opposite end of the scale, age is just a number, so if you are keen to play, join us. See if you can break Terry's record!

What age group do I play and register in?

Register and play in the age group that matches your age this year. eg If you turn 8 in 2021 you will play in U8. 17 yr olds and over can play in All Age competitions. 18 -21 yrs play in Youth League. If you are 35 or older you will play in O35s. Same for 45s.

Please note: For our girls, YG is now 16 - 19yrs.

What if I play 'out of age'?

If you intend to play in a competition other than your age group, register and pay for the competition in which you will play. eg If you are 10 but want to play in U11, register and pay for U11 fees. If you are 17 but want to play Youth League, register & pay for Youth League. (Juniors are strongly encouraged to play in their age ).

Does BHFC offer a family discount?

Yes! Family discounts are available to dependent children when a family has 3 or more family members playing for Baulko.

The 3rd dependant child will be refunded 50% fees, the fourth dependant child will be refunded 25% fees and the fifth and successive dependants are free.

Is there a student discount for seniors?

Yes! Full time students are eligible for a discount. Register and pay as normal, then send your proof of study to the registrar and she will refund you the student discount when it is verified.

Note: Proof of study must come from the institution and should have your name, course and programme.

What if I have never played before?

No problem at all! Juniors will be graded into teams of similar ability and will be footballers in no time at all.

Seniors who have never played before are also welcome. It's never to late to start!

What is non-comp football?

Miniroos /Minitildas is modified football for U6 - U13. Miniroos/ Minitildas U6 - U11 do not play a final series. They play for points, but tables are not published.

Miniroos /Minitildas U12 & Minitildas U13 play for points and tables are published. They play finals football if they finish the season in the top 4 of their competition.

Note: Miniroos football is open to boys and girls. Minitildas football is open to girls.
Girls may dual register to play both Saturday and Sunday for the same registration price.

What about the 2020 covid discount?

HFI, our association, will refund 25% sometime during the year. Details are to be confirmed, but don't expect the refund before June.

The refund is only available to players who registered and played in season 2020. If you de-registered you WILL NOT get the discount.

When does the season start?

U8 - O45 will commence the season on the weekend of: April 8,9,10. The season will be 18 rounds followed by a finals series for U12 - O45.

Funskills (U6 & U7) commencement date is yet to be determined. It will be no earlier than above, but it may be delayed by a week .

When are games played?

Ladies O35 and social O35 men play Friday nights.

U6 - O45 Mixed (jnr boys & girls) and men's football is played Saturdays

Female football: U9G - AAL is played on Sundays.

NOTE: HFI determine game times and locations NOT Baulkham Hills FC.

Where do I play?

U8 - O45 play 'home' games at Ted Horwood Reserve. 'Away' games are played at your opposition home ground. Female football is played at 'host' grounds in 'hubs'.

Funskills football is played at Ted Horwood Reserve EVERY week.

What team will I be in?

Juniors are graded by the BHFC grading coordinator and placed in ability based teams to ensure they enjoy their football , develop skills and are actively engaged in the game.

Seniors form their own teams which are graded by BHFC based on the skill level of the whole team.

Who will coach/manage my team?

Senior teams nominate their own manager. Junior teams will have a coach appointed. All coaches and managers are volunteers. If you are interested in coaching we can help with courses and resources, please contact secretary@bhfc.org.au

Snrs: What if I have no team?

Seniors are welcome to join Baulkham Hills Football Club as individual players without a team of mates.

If you are looking for a team, contact the registrar before you register so we can confirm your team placement.

registrar@bhfc.org.au (Wendy)

Can I bring a whole team over to BHFC?

New teams are always welcome at Baulko. Seniors who bring a new team to BHFC should contact the President: president@bhfc.org.au

We will check past experiences and behaviour of all team members.

Juniors are graded, so all players will be assessed before being placed in teams.

How do I stay informed?

Your first point of call is the BHFC website and our Facebook page. Be sure to like the page and turn on notifications so you are aware of all updates.

Coaches/managers/coordinators & club officials are also on hand to assist.

15 Jan

Child Safety

BHFC is a Child safe Organisation.

Our volunteers are required to observe our policies, including our Guidelines for Interacting with Children and Working with Children Checks.


19 Jul

BHFC Covid 19 notification Action Plan

Please find attached our BHFC Covid 19 notification Action Plan.
Bhfc Action Plan Covid Notification

The document also contains NSW Health pdfs procedures for :
* Confirmed Covid cases
* Suspected Covid cases
* Close Contacts
* Melbourne and other hotspots

It is important all members read this document and help us keep them and all in our football family safe.

09 Feb

Stay in touch with us

Did you know that you can see our Facebook page even if you don't have a Facebook account? A number of members don't want to create a Facebook account but still want to access what happens on Facebook. No problem! Simply search: Baulkham Hills Football Club Facebook page and you can view the page the same way you view our website.

Facebook has lots more updates and during the season it will contain more human interest pieces thanks to our new social media guru Stevie. Come join us! You can maintain your privacy and still stay in touch.

(Note: Only Facebook account holders will be able to receive notification notices and be able to comment on Facebook posts. Non account holders will see all stories and posts.)

20 Aug



Arrive no more than 15 minutes before kick off.

Leave straight after your game. Concern has been expressed at other grounds about teams staying after games socialising. You must leave the ground at the conclusion of your game.

Let's stay covid safe.

BHFC response- able

09 Feb

Uniform Shop online only


All uniform sales will be online only. Please follow the Uniform Shop link in the top menu bar of this website. Everything you need to know is there. Thankyou for your cooperation.


10 Mar

Working with Children Check

NOTE to coaches and managers of any players that are under 18 years of age. You must have the following sorted by round 2 of the competition. If not, you will not be permitted to perform your coach/manager role. ACT NOW!

Latest instructions for getting your Working with Children certification and having it recorded are on the club website.

Note If you are planning on coaching or managing children (any ages under 18) this year then you must comply with Working with Children legislation.

19 Jun

Volunteer call out

BHFC members young and old,

We're creating a volunteer pool we can draw on when we need jobs ( large and small) done. Please sign up at roundball@bhfc.org.au

Some tasks will be one off, others may be weekly during the season. You let us know how you can help and we'll oblige!

There's a lot to be done and something in our list might take your fancy! Join us to make 2020 memorable! (I hear you: "It's not already memorable enough??")

08 May

Hills Football Alcohol Policy

All senior teams should be aware of the Hills Football Alcohol Policy:

Hills Football Alcohol Policy

20 Jan

Hot Weather Policies

Coaches and Managers should be aware of the FNSW hot weather policy, especially during the early months of the season, February & March. You can read more about it here.

23 Jul


Some great tips in the article below about parental behaviour at childrens' sporting matches.

Parents, Would You Please Behave Yourselves

18 Feb

Instructional Referee Applications open


Baulkham Hills Football Club (BHFC) has a proud history of preparing strong, confident, skilled instructional referees who continue through to referee with the Hills Football Association. Instructional referees (IRs) referee small-sided games for youth U/8 to U/11 under the supervision of experienced referees.

2021 Application

The BHFC is currently seeking applications to participate in the 2021 season instructing referee program.

BHFC encourages both boys and girls to consider and apply for the IR program. Those wishing to participate must:

* be registered players with BHFC

* be 12 years of age on or before 10 April 2021.

Instructional referees who participated in the 2020 season, must reapply and complete training session(s) in order to be considered for the 2021 season.

Participation in the IR program is contingent on successful completion of mandated training sessions. (Further details on training sessions will be issued in the coming weeks.)

Please note that due to restrictions in the number of IRs required each season, not all applicants can be accepted into the program.

Application Form attached.
Ir Application Form

Closing Date: 5:00 pm, Wednesday 10 March. Please be advised applications received after this time and date will not be considered.

Queries: For further details on the program, please see the attached. Please contact Mary-Elizabeth at bhfc_miniroo_referees@outlook.com


The BHFC IR program is completely reliant on the volunteers that run it. Parents of IRs will be asked to volunteer to keep time at games, enforce covid-safe guidelines and ensure appropriate spectator/side-line behaviour.

29 Dec

Premier League Trials and Training 2021

Baulkham Hills FC invite all Interested players who wish to trial for our Premier League Squad for the upcoming 2021 season. The club will be trialling and training each Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7:30pm from the 12th January at Ted Horwood Reserve #4 Baulkham Hills. New players are most welcome to join us. For further details contact Tony 432 056 959

Players from U17 - seniors are also welcome to come for off season training.

10 Mar


Please find attached the interim Training Schedule.
Web 2021 Interim Pre Season Training

Dear Club Members,

As you would be aware, the council have reseeded Fields 1, 2 and 3. As a result, fields 1, 2 and 3 are closed for training and all football activity throughout March until the 5th April. Field 1 is unavailable as it is being used by cricket. To accommodate training for all teams during March the attached interim training schedule will be put in place. Each age group has been allocated one training session per week. Please adhere to your allocated night and time. Training during March will utilise Fields 4 and 5 as per the roster. Please note this schedule commences Monday 15th March. If there are any concerns, please contact Tony Hughes 0432 056 959.

Regular Season training will begin Monday the 5th April. To book your day and time please email Tony Hughes president@bhfc.org.au from March 8. Include your team name, your name and number. eg 8A John Smith Coach 0123 456 678

Tony Hughes

President BHFC

16 Feb

2021 Coaching Courses

BHFC will be holding coaching courses during the first half of March

These will be conducted by Hills Football.

Courses are at all three (3) levels -

* Grassroots (Miniroos & Minitildas), Ages 5 - 9

* Skills Training ages 9 - 13

* Game Training ages 13 - 17

All coaches or those considering coaching in 2021 are encouraged to attend.

The links are





1 March


Game Training

2,4,9,11 March


Skill Training

3,10,17 March


08 Feb

Grading 2021

2021 Grading Nights Schedule

Please click the link below for details about grading nights in February.

Grading Timetable 2021 V6

Please note: This year we have moved AAM and O35 and O45 to Monday night in order to give junior age groups individual timeslots to grade. We need to have one junior age group per field as there are so many players needing to be assessed. Multi ages on fields in the last few seasons has presented us with too many headaches.

Seniors, I thank you for your understanding. You can choose to train during the three weeks of grading or not. If you do not train YOU MUST notify us of your team/s composition and intention to play. Registering alone does not guarantee you a team or position in a HFI competition. It's important you communicate with us.

As in previous years during February be aware that Cricket have the lease of the grounds and have allowed us to work around them. Cricket use of the fields throughout February takes priority over any football activity. If you are asked to move please do so respectfully and without complaint.

Tony Hughes
BHFC President

Request for Volunteers on Junior Grading nights

Hi Club Members,

We are looking for lots of volunteers to help us in February 2021 as our club continues our new approach to grading for the 2021 season. Please read on. All you really need to know for now is that YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU, so please don’t be shy in replying to this email and letting us know that you’ll be able to help out in February.


For the 2021 Season the club is planning to continue our 2020 model for the grading of junior teams:

  • Wherever possible, grading sessions will be run by volunteers not associated with that age group. e.g. they will not be parents or previous coaches of that age group. Players will be objectively assessed multiple times during the 3 weeks of grading by many different assessors, and will be following a structured set of grading drills to ensure the process is fair and comprehensive. The assessment process is straightforward: each player has a number on their arm (assigned at the age-group rego table on the appropriate field), and as they rotate around the various skill stations / games they will be assessed based upon their capability. They will not be told their result. Assessment sheets are collated after each night and entered into a spreadsheet. Over 3 weeks grading we expect each player to be assessed many times by different assessors; their results should therefore be a genuine reflection of their performance and any “abnormal” results will be averaged out thus minimising the chance of misgrades at the end of the process.
  • Teams will be announced by the end of February.
  • Coaches will be appointed to teams after the grading process has been completed (not before).
  • Requests by players/parents to be graded differently will not be considered on grading nights. Such requests will need to be forwarded to the club secretary for consideration.
  • The process will be transparent: parents and players will be informed of the club’s approach to grading up front.
  • There is no limit to how many assessors we need - the more we have the better the process!
  • We already have several senior players including Premier League and O35/1 players on board, but need more help.
  • Our grading coordinator Rob Vallis will be available to oversee and assist with any issues as they arise.

How can you help?

In order for this process to work, we need help from you, our club members. We are recruiting volunteers to help with the grading process during February. This will typically involve 1 night a week for 3 to 4 weeks. Even if you can only help for an hour once during the whole process, every little bit helps to broaden the independence of the process.

We will need people to act as:

  • Grading session facilitators whose role will be to run the drills, games, etc that form the grading activities for each age group.
  • Independent assessors who will observe the above activities and grade players.
  • Admins for each age group, to take attendances, send players to have rego photos taken, etc.

We need lots of volunteers, so now is the time to put your hand up and volunteer to help. We really do feel that our approach will produce great outcomes for our kids, for this year and into the future. But we need your help to make it happen.

If you think you’ll be available to help in February, please reply to this email.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Rob Vallis,
Grading Coordinator,
Baulkham Hills Football Club.

15 Jan

FAQ Pre season and Grading

For your convenience, please find below 26 hints and tips to guide you through pre-season. Please make careful note of Grading details.

What is grading?

Grading is the process we undertake to put players into teams based on their ability so they are challenged, competitive and engaged in their games. At BHFC we grade according to ability.

Are all players graded?

* Funskills players : U6 and U7 are not graded.

* Juniors U8 – U17 are graded into ability based teams.
* PL & PYL & WPL are selected.
* All other senior players are graded as a team rather than individual players

Where does Grading take place?

Grading is conducted at our home ground Ted Horwood Reserve. Cnr Renown Rd & Park Rd Baulkham Hills.

When are Grading sessions held?

Grading is conducted over the first 3 weeks of February. The times and field locations of each age group are on the schedule on our website.

Is Grading the same as Trials?

At Baulko Grading and trials are separate programs. Grading is the process of selecting players for teams and nominating teams in particular HFI competitions, while Trials are the practise matches you play once your team has formed.

What do I do first, register or grade?

Definitely register and pay in full online first. This means you are eligible to grade into a team. If you are not registered your place in a team is not secured.

Where is the grading timetable?

The Grading timetable is on our BHFC website. Look up the age group/ competition in which you will be playing and attend grading on those nights. Locations and times are on the schedule.

JNRS: Do I just attend one grading night?

No. It is important to attend all grading sessions. Each session assesses something different. A more complete picture is formed by assessing players in a variety of areas.

What if I am sick on Grading night?

DO NOT ATTEND GRADING IF YOU ARE UNWELL. Stay home. However it is important you contact us to tell us, so we know you are still interested in playing. Contact Rob grading@bhfc.org.au

Do I need to wear a uniform to Grading?

It is not necessary to wear a uniform to Grading. The only compulsory items to be worn at Grading are football boots and shin pads. You are not permitted to train without these.

Last year I was not placed in a team?

If you register but don’t attend grading, and don’t tell us, we do not know to put you into a team. Be proactive and tell us whether you are playing. Or we may presume you deregistered and left..

Are seniors graded? I want to play with my mates.

We do not grade individual senior players. Seniors are welcome to play with mates. Your team will be assessed for the most suitable HFI competition based on the full team’s ability.

Snrs: I don’t have a team so I don’t know where to grade?

If you are new to BHFC and are looking for a team, contact Cath roundball@bhfc.org.au. Let us know your past experience, where you’d like to play, and we’ll advise you of vacancies and what options we can offer you.

Snrs: What if my team won’t be grading as we have enough players?

If your team is complete and you don’t need players/won’t be grading you must contact us ASAP so we know who is in your team. We can not nominate your team in an HFI competition if you do not contact us. registrar@bhfc.org.au

When are teams announced?

At the conclusion of grading the grading coordinator forms the teams, notifies our registrar, and you will be contacted. The teams are then submitted to HFI to form competitions.

Can I be a coach/manager?

If you would like to coach or manage a team, send your nomination together with an expression of interest to the secretary: Kevin. secretary@bhfc.org.au
Note: all team officials are volunteers at BHFC.

How do I access coach courses or resources?

Our coaching committee offers a variety of funded courses and resources. Let us know what you need and participate in any or all of what we have available.

When will training be?

Teams get together and work out a night to train based on what suits the team members. The manager applies for a training timeslot and training is confirmed. Your coach/manager will communicate with you about this.

When are Trial matches?

Trials matches will be announced after Grading has concluded. Your coach/manager will communicate with you about these. The Trials timetable will also be published on the club website when we know how many teams we have.

What is the Baulkham Hills Football Club Uniform?

The BHFC uniform for U8 – O45 consists of Maroon branded BHFC shorts and maroon socks. Full uniform is compulsory or you will not be permitted to play competition games.

Can I wear my school maroon shorts?

No. BHFC shorts are branded. You must wear BHFC shorts. You may wear any all maroon socks. You may not wear socks with different coloured stripes or hoops, only full maroon socks are considered uniform.

Where do I buy my uniform?

The uniform shop is now only online. Follow the steps on the website. Uniform shop info can be found on the BHFC website at the top menu bar.

Do I need to buy a playing shirt (jersey)?

No. The BHFC jersey is the property of BHFC. You are loaned a shirt for the season and return it at the end of the season. Missing, lost or damaged shirts will need to be reimbursed by the player. You may subsequently be placed on a bond.

What are the compulsory items of clothing I will need for the season?

BHFC shorts, socks and jersey are the only compulsory items of clothing for the season. Caps, club shirt, hoodies, jackets and all other clothing is optional.

Are there any other compulsory items?

Yes. Shin pads and football boots are compulsory safety items. You are not permitted to play without these items. You can choose your favoured style of both. Neither of these items are branded BHFC.

How do I stay informed?

Your first point of call is the BHFC website and our Facebook page. Be sure to like the page and turn on notifications so you are aware of all updates.

Coaches/managers/coordinators & club officials are also on hand to assist.

29 Jan

Grading Covid Protocols

All members are advised that you must make yourself aware of covid protocols prior to attending grading this coming week. Thankyou

Stay Covid safe.

Covid Action Plan Grading

29 Dec

e-Team Sheet Directions

Please find attached the link for directions on completing the new e-Team Sheets.

If you have any questions please contact Cameron his details are contained here-in.

I Match Sheets Bhfc

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