07 Aug


All games scheduled for 7 - 9 August POSTPONED

A decision regarding catch-ups will be made next week.


Hills Football

07 Aug

Minirioos Coaching Course CANCELLED

The miniroos Coaching Course August 8 is CANCELLED. Sorry folks

Please find attached details about a great course that you will find very beneficial.

Dan Shepard (HFI Head of Football), is conducting the course for us 11AM THIS SATURDAY.

Apologies for the late notice but we’ve just found a spot on TH #1, and feel this time may be better for participants than week nights.

Email your expressions of interest and we’ll be in touch.

Nice work buddy
19 Jul

BHFC Covid 19 notification Action Plan

Please find attached our BHFC Covid 19 notification Action Plan.
Bhfc Action Plan Covid Notification

The document also contains NSW Health pdfs procedures for :
* Confirmed Covid cases
* Suspected Covid cases
* Close Contacts
* Melbourne and other hotspots

It is important all members read this document and help us keep them and all in our football family safe.

09 Jul

Training Attendance Sheet

I Comp Man Training Attendance
Please see the email below form the Association reminding us to continue with the
training registers and limiting numbers at the grounds.

As some have noted, the training registers can be completed on iCompman. If you
would prefer to use iCompan for your training register, please email me
confirming you have completed the training register each week in iCompman.
Please include your team in the confirmation mail. I won’t be checking to see
that it has been completed. Instructions attached. Please note, I don’t know
how to use it. Happy to continue to receive the paper training registers.

On another matter, as some of you experienced last Saturday, there were issues
with iCompman. They had two glitches, one at around 08:15am and at 10:00am.
In both cases it took about 10-20 minutes to restore the service. During these
periods the system was running very slow or was unavailable. We have been
advised that the issues have been resolved.

30 Jun

Keith Vallis memorial service

Members are invited to share this invite to Keith Vallis' memorial service.

Everyone is welcome.


Map: Ted Horwood Map Keith Vallis Memorial

Keith Vallis tribute can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/BaulkhamHillsFootballClub

22 Jun


Please find attached confirmation of 2020 season dates for HFI competitions from our Pres.
(Funskills dates have been emailed to all Funskills families separately )

Clarification Of Competition Dates

BHFC is a division of Baulkham Hills Sports
19 Jun

Introduction to Football Webinar

Please find below the flyer for our upcoming webinar: "An Introduction to Coaching"
Intro To Coaching

It is suitable for:

  • Beginning coaches
  • Parent helpers (particularly for Funskills)
  • Experienced Coaches of miniroos teams

The course is only open to our club so everyone is welcome.

It’s compulsory to register as participants will need an access code.

21 Jun

Uniform Shop online only


All uniform sales will be online only. Please follow the Uniform Shop link in the top menu bar of this website. Everything you need to know is there. Thankyou for your cooperation.

(Don't beg and plead and put Cath in a difficult situation please. )

AAM 15s Family Affair
19 Jun

Volunteer call out

BHFC members young and old,

We're creating a volunteer pool we can draw on when we need jobs ( large and small) done. Please sign up at roundball@bhfc.org.au

Some tasks will be one off, others may be weekly during the season. You let us know how you can help and we'll oblige!

There's a lot to be done and something in our list might take your fancy! Join us to make 2020 memorable! (I hear you: "It's not already memorable enough??")

17 Jun


There are strictly no trials prior to R1.

DO NOT organise your own trial games.

We are still bound by COVID protocols of no contact and restricted player numbers.

We have no conditions of play for R1 yet. DO NOT jeopardise our return to play by contravening regulations.

16 Jun

Monthly Meeting June 29

Coaches and Managers are invited to our monthly club meeting via Zoom commencing at 7:30pm. Details pertaining to the commencement of the season 3rd, 4th and 5th July will be discussed. Our competition secretary Cameron will send you an invite to the meeting over the coming week. If you are a new coach or manager or you did not get a zoom invite to the last meeting please contact Competition Secretary : Cameron Hume asap to get on the mailing list.

11 Jun


All seniors

It's your turn at last!

Please read the attached letter carefully AND FULLY. It's important you read the whole thing and don't just skim through details.

We'd like to thank President Peter McLoughlin for the enormous workload he has taken on to date as we navigate our way through this.

We'd also like to thank Hills Football Association for their efforts. They have listened and done their best to provide us with the best possible product in these circumstances.

It has not been at all easy, please measure your feedback with this understanding.

Member Letter Bhfc Senior

11 Jun



Please read the attached letter carefully AND FULLY. It's important you read the whole thing and don't just skim through details.

We'd like to thank President Peter McLoughlin for the enormous workload he has taken on to date as we navigate our way through this.

We'd also like to thank Hills Football Association for their efforts. They have listened and done their best to provide us with the best possible product in these circumstances.

It has not been at all easy, please measure your feedback with this understanding.

Pres Letter Jnr Rtn Dereg

08 Jun

De-registering? DO IT NOW!

Members are advised that if they are no longer able to participate in season 2020, NOW IS THE TIME TO DE-REGISTER. This includes Funskills players.

The opt out/de-register timeframe is tight and players MUST deregister by 11.59pm Friday 12th June. If you do not deregister by this date, you will be considered as playing and will not be eligible for a refund. THIS IS NOT WITHIN OUR CONTROL TO CHANGE.

To be eligible for a refund, players must deregister as follows:

1. To deregister, players must log into their own account on Playfootball (this is where you registered): Go to www.playfootball.com.au and request to de-register. DO NOT go to the BHFC website!

2. BHFC will not deregister players. PLAYERS MUST DO IT!

3. Players who deregister will receive confirmation from Hills Football. This should be forwarded to the Treasurer Steve Durante at treasurer@bhfc.org.au.

4. And with this confirmation, you must also include details of your Financial Institution (Account name, BSB & account number) so your refund can be processed.

NOTE: Players who have claimed insurance or intend to claim insurance due to injuries sustained between the 1st Jan 2020 and the 12th June 2020 will NOT be eligible for a refund.

Active Kids Voucher: Players who Opt out and deregister are NOT eligible to redeem their active kids voucher.

30 May

COVID Information

We have setup a page on the club website with links to documents and information related to COVID and returning to football.

COVID Information

23 May


Coaches and Managers please check your emails.

You should have by now received 3 IMPORTANT emails. I f you haven't received the emails below please contact roundball@bhfc.org.au so we can check we have the correct contact details for you.

Email: 1 Coaches/Managers COVID-19 return to training requests
Email: 2 COVID-19 Return to Training Induction module- Zoom meeting
Email: 3 Zoom invitation

BELOW- Email: 1 Coaches/Managers COVID-19 return to training requests
Dear Coaches and Managers,


It is important to note: No one returns to training until team management has completed the COVID-19 Return to Training Induction module. This module will be in the form of a Zoom meeting for all BHFC Coaches/Managers this Thursday night. Your invitation will follow. Please reply to the invitation as soon as you receive it.
No team will be assigned a training spot unless they have a rep at this meeting.

Please note: All previous training requests are no longer applicable in the current circumstances because COVID-19 guidelines have strict restrictions that must be observed. Previous timetables are in contravention of these regulations.

Training will be 1 hour per week per team. Each field will be limited to 2 teams. Further guidelines will be explained on Thursday in the Induction module. These are FNSW guidelines that must be strictly adhered to in order to observe social distancing.

Please select from one of the following training choices: (Id suggest you talk to your players prior to requesting your spot)
* Monday - Friday 5.30, 6.30, 7.30, 8.30 (1 hour sessions)
* Saturday 8 am - 4pm (1 hours sessions on the hour)

The deadline for requests is Friday 29th May. Teams will be notified after this cut off when their attendance at the induction module has been confirmed.

All training requests should be reply email to Tony Hughes only. secretary@bhfc.org.au

IMPORTANT: In the next few days and weeks you will receive various email notifications from BHFC. It is vital you read EVERY email carefully and respond accordingly. Ignorance of the COVID-19 regulations is no defence and will result in further shut downs to all football activity.

Email: 2 COVID-19 Return to Training Induction module- Zoom meeting
Coaches and Managers,

In the next 24 hours you will receive a Zoom Invitation from our Competition Secretary: Cameron Hume, to attend the BHFC COVID-19 Return to Training Induction Module. This is a compulsory meeting. One representative from each team is required to attend. On the night, an attendance record will be taken. Allocation to training will only occur when attendance at this meeting is confirmed.

Prior to this meeting you must make yourself aware of FNSW guidelines. These can be found at the links below.



These documents will be discussed on Thursday.

Make yourself aware of all these resources and bring all questions to the meeting.

These guidelines are not a suggestion. They are compulsory

You jeopardise your team, our club, the association, & football NSW' return to football if you do not comply with them.

We have been advised by the association that police will be coming to grounds for spot checks- BE WARNED!

01 May

HFI resources during Covid-19

The next HFI live sessions are on our FB page- don't forget to check them out. and join in.

Session 1

Day: Tuesday 5 May

Time: 10:30am for 30 minutes

What: Little Legends/MinRoos. Football fun for players aged 3-8 with Mum and Dad!

Session 2

Day: Thursday 7 May

Time: 4pm for 30 minutes

What: Advanced football skills

Members are advised that HFI have a couple of online resources, in addition their webpage, that may be of interest to the football deprived among us. Live clinics on Facebook will also be uploaded to youtube for your convenience

Please find all their links below.

Webpage: https://hillsfootball.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hillsfootballinc
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stories/hillsfootball/?hl=en
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5L6BLJZnE_lcagb0RwEI7g

22 Mar


Members are advised that the March 23 meeting has been cancelled.

March Meeting Cancelled

20 Mar


Update: Club meeting 23rd March Cancelled.

PLEASE NOTE: All football activity including training, trials and games is cancelled until further notice.


Dear Member Clubs,

The COVID-19 outbreak has clearly affected us all. 20 06 Ffa Circular Suspension Of Grassroots Football Activity

That said, and as I am sure you would all agree and appreciate, we all play our part in minimising its spread so as to bring it under control as soon as practically possible. Parallel to all government and community announcements about ‘social distancing’, good hygiene practices, football and indeed all sport has a role to play amongst our members and all involved in the game.

To this end, today our National Governing Body, Football Federation Australia (FFA) has released an updated Circular (Circular No 20-06), suspending all community football activities (i.e. below A-League and W-League), effective from 12:00am on 18 March 2020, until 14 April 2020.

For your information, I have attached a copy of Circular No 20-06 and this will be used by FFA on all of its social media platforms. Please make your members aware of this Circular.

What does this mean for our Association, our competitions/leagues and your clubs ?

Effective immediately, all games, training and other football activities must cease;

Where possible, unnecessary meetings and other gatherings should either cease or be minimised. I suggest that you look to alternative forms of meeting (teleconferences) or by utilising other forms of technology (e.g. Skype).

No competitions/leagues will commence at this stage, and any that have already started, will be suspended until 14 April 2020.

Any football activity which takes place during this period is not sanctioned by the Association nor Football NSW and, therefore, the Personal Accident insurance cover that is provided as part of a player’s registration may not apply

As you would appreciate, we are working with our state governing body, Football NSW, who is in turn constantly liaising with FFA and relevant government agencies, and everyone is committed to keeping you informed and up to date in these rapidly changing times.

I thank you for your patience, cooperation and assistance, and would respectfully request that you distribute this information through all your teams and club delegates as soon as practically possible.


Kurt Johnson

General Manager HFI

15 Mar

Miniroos Coaching Course 2020

For any player, coach or parents who wishes to register for this Grassroots Course head straight to the course link attached to register now. You will need to know your current FFA number and email address linked to that number.

FFA Education - https://registration.playfootball.com.au/common/pages/reg/WelcomeRegPlus.aspx?entityid=76656&save=0

Coaching Course 2020

12 Mar


We currently have vacancies in U6, U7, U10, U11/12G, U14/15G .

Come and play football at Baulko. Your game, your club, you're welcome!

14 Feb

Instructional Referee Course

It's time! For all those players asking, here's how to apply to be a part of our Instructional Referee program to referee miniroo games.

I Ref Course

Successful applicants will be contacted by Jim Moreland .

19 Jan

Registration 2020

IMPORTANT: There is a HFI enforced Registration cut off to play Round 1. Please make sure you don t leave registration queries til the last minute or you may miss R1 . Late registrations are accepted after this date for Round 2 onwards.. dates will follow

Below are the steps to register for 2020. Please remember we now use 'Play Football' . The process is still quite straight forward.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to register in and pay accordingly for the age group you intend to play rather than your chronological age.
eg. If you turn 11 in 2019 but intend to play in U12, register as an U12 player, similarly players turning 7 in 2019 who wish to play in U8 should register as U8s.
This applies to all players in any age eg a 17 year old who wishes to play in seniors should register as PL/AAM/ or PYL as the case may be..

Baulkham Hills Football Club 2020 Registration Process

07 Feb

Field 4 and 5 setup this Saturday morning


Due to the weather, field setup has been postponed to Saturday February 15th.

Calling for volunteers to help set up fields 4 and 5 (line marking, installing goal posts, etc) this Saturday morning 8th February between 8 am and 12 noon.

To ensure we have the right number of volunteers, please email webmaster@bhfc.org.au by this Thursday to let us know that you can make it on Saturday. We'd love to see you there. No experience necessary. :-)

03 Feb

Help Needed as Independent Assessors for Grading nights this week

We're looking for people to act as Independent Assessors for Grading nights this week to help support the club's junior grading process. If you are available at 6pm this Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, or at 7:30pm this Thursday, please turn up to Ted Horwood and make yourself known to Rob Vallis, the club grading coordinator.

All help much appreciated.

24 Jan

Girls Welcome to Football program

As part of HFI's commitment to the growth of Female Football, they have just launched the first two of many programs aimed at encouraging new players to our sport.

1. Come & Try Day – 7th Feb (this is the first of a few)
2. Girls Welcome to Football Program

Spread the word and invite any girls you know who may be interested. Tell them you're from Baulko- We'd love to invite them to join us! #GoBaulko

Hills Girls Flyer

Girls Come Try Day Fb

21 Aug

President's message

There has been an increase in Red Cards for R2 Violent Conduct across the association in recent weeks.

All players are reminded that this unacceptable behaviour will suffer severe consequences from the Hills Football Judiciary & GPT.

You can expect a long suspension for serious offences.
There is no excuse for violent conduct.

Spectators and players are reminded of their responsibility to ensure football is played in the right spirit.

Serious issues will also be addressed by BHFC.

BHFC trust everyone will work to eliminate violence from our game!

Peter McLoughlin
President BHFC

02 Aug

Summer Football - Hills Football Association

Sign up for Summer Football now. Let's all support Hills Football Association Summer Football.

Registration is through HFI. Get some friends together and keep playing over Summer.

Hills Football A5 Rego Flyer

05 Aug

Kookaburra Track Ted Horwood Reserve

Dear Baulko Members,

I am writing to alert you to the fact that our Ted Horwood Reserve working party’s application for the NSW Government’s ‘My Community Project’ grant scheme has been shortlisted for the public vote in the Baulkham Hills electorate.

We have proposed a pathway and lighting upgrade to create an integrated walking track for the Ted Horwood Reserve precinct, which we’ve called the Kookaburra Track. This project will have the threefold benefit of activating and making the reserve more accessible to the general public, making the walking path more safe for sporting club members using it of a night time, and contributing to the health and wellbeing of local citizens

Only 1 or 2 of the 11 projects listed in the Baulkham Hills electorate will be successful in receiving funding; it relies solely on the public vote. For this reason, we’re asking you to consider spreading among your sporting club and other networks the opportunity to vote for our project. You must live in the electorate to vote for the project. Voting is open from July 15 – August 15 and is done through your Service NSW online account or in person at a Service NSW Centre.

Search for the Baulkham Hills electorate and familiarise yourself with the projects at this link https://mycommunityproject.service.nsw.gov.au/projects that’d be great!

And feel free to begin spreading the news in any ways you see fit – any vote we can get is one we don’t currently have!

How to Vote.

Firslty, FOLLOW THIS LINK to the Service NSW Portal

1. Select your electorate (Please Select Baulkham Hills)

From the My Community Project Homepage or the Browse projects page

2. Log in or create a MyServiceNSW Account

To find out if you already have an account, or to create one, go to www.service.nsw.gov.au, call 13 77 88 or visit a service centre.

3. Verify your identity

You will need:

  • To live in NSW.
  • To be at least 16 years or over.
  • Your Medicare card, which will verify your name and age.
  • To tell us your NSW residential address so we can identify your electorate.

The verification process is carried out by Service NSW.

4. Shortlist your favourite projects

To shortlist your favourite projects:

  • Go to Browse projects.
  • Click on a project to read about it in detail.
  • We encourage you to vote for the Kookaburra Track project number 1. You can then choose your other preferences

5. Arrange your top 3 to 5 projects

When you have at least 3 projects in your shortlist:

  • Go to ‘My shortlist’.
  • Arrange between 3 and 5 of your favourite projects in order of preference.
  • Your preferred projects will be given points:
    • 1st preference – 10 points – Kookaburra Track
    • 2nd preference – 5 points – Your Choice
    • 3rd preference – 3 points – Your Choice
    • 4th preference – 2 points – Your Choice
    • 5th preference – 1 point- Your Choice


Tony Hughes

BHFC Secretary

18 Jul


Hills Football have advised that in the last round, red cards were up 50% on the weekly average.

These were for serious offences, not double yellows.

Players are reminded that they need to become more disciplined in their behaviour and attitude to fellow players and more importantly match officials.

BHFC will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour.

Please pass this on to all your team

Peter McLoughlin. President BHFC

02 Aug

Vale Ross Gammie

Please see our tribute below to Ross Gammie, a true legend of Baulkham Hills Football Club.

Ross Gammie Tribute

01 Apr

e-Team Sheet Directions

Please find attached the link for directions on completing the new e-Team Sheets.

If you have any questions please contact Kevin his details are contained here-in.

I Match Sheets Bhfc

10 Mar

Working with Children Check

NOTE to coaches and managers of any players that are under 18 years of age. You must have the following sorted by round 2 of the competition. If not, you will not be permitted to perform your coach/manager role. ACT NOW!

Latest instructions for getting your Working with Children certification and having it recorded are on the club website.

Note If you are planning on coaching or managing children (any ages under 18) this year then you must comply with Working with Children legislation.

08 May

Hills Football Alcohol Policy

All senior teams should be aware of the Hills Football Alcohol Policy:

Hills Football Alcohol Policy

20 Jan

Hot Weather Policies

Coaches and Managers should be aware of the FNSW hot weather policy, especially during the early months of the season, February & March. You can read more about it here.

23 Jul


Some great tips in the article below about parental behaviour at childrens' sporting matches.

Parents, Would You Please Behave Yourselves

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