19 Jan

Registration 2021

Registration for the 2021 season opens January 4.

Below are the steps to register for 2021. Please remember we now use 'Play Football' . The process is quite straight forward.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to register in and pay accordingly for the age group you intend to play rather than your chronological age.
eg. If you turn 11 in 2021 but intend to play in U12, register as an U12 player, similarly players turning 7 in 2021 who wish to play in U8 should register as U8s.
This applies to all players in any age eg a 17 year old who wishes to play in seniors should register as PL/AAM/ or PYL as the case may be..

Step By Step Players Rego
Step By S Tep Rego Coach

Direct all queries to the registrar: registrar@bhfc.org.au

IMPORTANT: There is a HFI enforced Registration cut off to play Round 1. Please make sure you don t leave registration queries til the last minute or you may miss R1 . Late registrations are accepted after this date for Round 2 onwards.. dates will follow

09 Jan

FAQ Rego

For your convenience, please find below 19 hints and tips to help you with registration. We’ll have more FAQ for pre-season and the season proper in the weeks to come.

How do I register?

Registration is completed online. Simply go to 'Play Football' and select our club: Baulkham Hills Football Club. If you have any questions email our friendly registrar Wendy, she's only too happy to help. registrar@bhfc.org.au

Is it too early to register?

No. Now is the perfect time to register.
Registration opened January 4. Registering early let's us know your intention. This helps us create enough teams for all interested players. It also ensures that you will play in Rnd 1.

Registration is complete when online payment is made in full.

What is the deadline for registration?

To play in Rnd 1 you must be registered by April 1.

You can register after this date but you must register by Tuesday of the week before you want to play.

If you register late, contact the registrar to check when you can play.

Who is eligible to register?

Boys, girls, men and ladies are all welcome to play at Baulko.

Players should be 5 years of age at the younger end of the scale.

At the opposite end of the scale, age is just a number, so if you are keen to play, join us. See if you can break Terry's record!

What age group do I play and register in?

Register and play in the age group that matches your age this year. eg If you turn 8 in 2021 you will play in U8. 17 yr olds and over can play in All Age competitions. 18 -21 yrs play in Youth League. If you are 35 or older you will play in O35s. Same for 45s.

What if I play 'out of age'?

If you intend to play in a competition other than your age group, register and pay for the competition in which you will play. eg If you are 10 but want to play in U11, register and pay for U11 fees. If you are 17 but want to play Youth League, register & pay for Youth League. (Juniors are strongly encouraged to play in their age ).

Does BHFC offer a family discount?

Yes! Family discounts are available to dependent children when a family has 3 or more family members playing for Baulko.

The 3rd dependant child will be refunded 50% fees, the fourth dependant child will be refunded 25% fees and the fifth and successive dependants are free.

Is there a student discount for seniors?

Yes! Full time students are eligible for a discount. Register and pay as normal, then send your proof of study to the registrar and she will refund you the student discount when it is verified.

Note: Proof of study must come from the institution and should have your name, course and programme.

What if I have never played before?

No problem at all! Juniors will be graded into teams of similar ability and will be footballers in no time at all.

Seniors who have never played before are also welcome. It's never to late to start!

What is non-comp football?

Miniroos is modified football for U6 - U13. Miniroos U6 - U11 do not play a final series. They play for points, but tables are not published.

Miniroos U12 & U13 play for points and tables are published. They play finals football if they finish the season in the top 4 of their competition.

What about the 2020 covid discount?

HFI, our association, will refund 25% sometime during the year. Details are to be confirmed, but don't expect the refund before June.

The refund is only available to players who registered and played in season 2020. If you de-registered you WILL NOT get the discount.

When does the season start?

U8 - O45 will commence the season on the weekend of: April 8,9,10. The season will be 18 rounds followed by a finals series for U12 - O45.

Funskills (U6 & U7) commencement date is yet to be determined. It will be no earlier than above, but it may be delayed by a week .

When are games played?

Ladies O35 and social O35 men play Friday nights.

U6 - O45 Mixed (jnr boys & girls) and men's football is played Saturdays

Female football: U9G - AAL is played on Sundays.

NOTE: HFI determine game times and locations NOT Baulkham Hills FC.

Where do I play?

U8 - O45 play 'home' games at Ted Horwood Reserve. 'Away' games are played at your opposition home ground. Female football is played at 'host' grounds in 'hubs'.

Funskills football is played at Ted Horwood Reserve EVERY week.

What team will I be in?

Juniors are graded by the BHFC grading coordinator and placed in ability based teams to ensure they enjoy their football , develop skills and are actively engaged in the game.

Seniors form their own teams which are graded by BHFC based on the skill level of the whole team.

Who will coach/manage my team?

Senior teams nominate their own manager. Junior teams will have a coach appointed. All coaches and managers are volunteers. If you are interested in coaching we can help with courses and resources, please contact secretary@bhfc.org.au

Snrs: What if I have no team?

Seniors are welcome to join Baulkham Hills Football Club as individual players without a team of mates.

If you are looking for a team, contact the registrar before you register so we can confirm your team placement.

registrar@bhfc.org.au (Wendy)

Can I bring a whole team over to BHFC?

New teams are always welcome at Baulko. Seniors who bring a new team to BHFC should contact the President: president@bhfc.org.au

We will check past experiences and behaviour of all team members.

Juniors are graded, so all players will be assessed before being placed in teams.

How do I stay informed?

Your first point of call is the BHFC website and our Facebook page. Be sure to like the page and turn on notifications so you are aware of all updates.

Coaches/managers/coordinators & club officials are also on hand to assist.

AAM 15s Family Affair
17 Jan

Grading 2021

2021 Grading Nights Schedule

Please click the link below for details about grading nights in February.

Grading Timetable 2021 V3

Please note: This year we have moved AAM and O35 and O45 to Monday night in order to give junior age groups individual timeslots to grade. We need to have one junior age group per field as there are so many players needing to be assessed. Multi ages on fields in the last few seasons has presented us with too many headaches.

Seniors, I thank you for your understanding. You can choose to train during the three weeks of grading or not. If you do not train YOU MUST notify us of your team/s composition and intention to play. Registering alone does not guarantee you a team or position in a HFI competition. It's important you communicate with us.

As in previous years during February be aware that Cricket have the lease of the grounds and have allowed us to work around them. Cricket use of the fields throughout February takes priority over any football activity. If you are asked to move please do so respectfully and without complaint.

Tony Hughes
BHFC President

Request for Volunteers on Junior Grading nights

Hi Club Members,

We are looking for lots of volunteers to help us in February 2021 as our club continues our new approach to grading for the 2021 season. Please read on. All you really need to know for now is that YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU, so please don’t be shy in replying to this email and letting us know that you’ll be able to help out in February.


For the 2021 Season the club is planning to continue our 2020 model for the grading of junior teams:

  • Wherever possible, grading sessions will be run by volunteers not associated with that age group. e.g. they will not be parents or previous coaches of that age group. Players will be objectively assessed multiple times during the 3 weeks of grading by many different assessors, and will be following a structured set of grading drills to ensure the process is fair and comprehensive. The assessment process is straightforward: each player has a number on their arm (assigned at the age-group rego table on the appropriate field), and as they rotate around the various skill stations / games they will be assessed based upon their capability. They will not be told their result. Assessment sheets are collated after each night and entered into a spreadsheet. Over 3 weeks grading we expect each player to be assessed many times by different assessors; their results should therefore be a genuine reflection of their performance and any “abnormal” results will be averaged out thus minimising the chance of misgrades at the end of the process.
  • Teams will be announced by the end of February.
  • Coaches will be appointed to teams after the grading process has been completed (not before).
  • Requests by players/parents to be graded differently will not be considered on grading nights. Such requests will need to be forwarded to the club secretary for consideration.
  • The process will be transparent: parents and players will be informed of the club’s approach to grading up front.
  • There is no limit to how many assessors we need - the more we have the better the process!
  • We already have several senior players including Premier League and O35/1 players on board, but need more help.
  • Our grading coordinator Rob Vallis will be available to oversee and assist with any issues as they arise.

How can you help?

In order for this process to work, we need help from you, our club members. We are recruiting volunteers to help with the grading process during February. This will typically involve 1 night a week for 3 to 4 weeks. Even if you can only help for an hour once during the whole process, every little bit helps to broaden the independence of the process.

We will need people to act as:

  • Grading session facilitators whose role will be to run the drills, games, etc that form the grading activities for each age group.
  • Independent assessors who will observe the above activities and grade players.
  • Admins for each age group, to take attendances, send players to have rego photos taken, etc.

We need lots of volunteers, so now is the time to put your hand up and volunteer to help. We really do feel that our approach will produce great outcomes for our kids, for this year and into the future. But we need your help to make it happen.

If you think you’ll be available to help in February, please reply to this email.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Rob Vallis,
Grading Coordinator,
Baulkham Hills Football Club.

15 Jan

FAQ Pre season and Grading

For your convenience, please find below 26 hints and tips to guide you through pre-season. Please make careful note of Grading details.

What is grading?

Grading is the process we undertake to put players into teams based on their ability so they are challenged, competitive and engaged in their games. At BHFC we grade according to ability.

Are all players graded?

* Funskills players : U6 and U7 are not graded.

* Juniors U8 – U17 are graded into ability based teams.
* PL & PYL & WPL are selected.
* All other senior players are graded as a team rather than individual players

Where does Grading take place?

Grading is conducted at our home ground Ted Horwood Reserve. Cnr Renown Rd & Park Rd Baulkham Hills.

When are Grading sessions held?

Grading is conducted over the first 3 weeks of February. The times and field locations of each age group are on the schedule on our website.

Is Grading the same as Trials?

At Baulko Grading and trials are separate programs. Grading is the process of selecting players for teams and nominating teams in particular HFI competitions, while Trials are the practise matches you play once your team has formed.

What do I do first, register or grade?

Definitely register and pay in full online first. This means you are eligible to grade into a team. If you are not registered your place in a team is not secured.

Where is the grading timetable?

The Grading timetable is on our BHFC website. Look up the age group/ competition in which you will be playing and attend grading on those nights. Locations and times are on the schedule.

JNRS: Do I just attend one grading night?

No. It is important to attend all grading sessions. Each session assesses something different. A more complete picture is formed by assessing players in a variety of areas.

What if I am sick on Grading night?

DO NOT ATTEND GRADING IF YOU ARE UNWELL. Stay home. However it is important you contact us to tell us, so we know you are still interested in playing. Contact Rob grading@bhfc.org.au

Do I need to wear a uniform to Grading?

It is not necessary to wear a uniform to Grading. The only compulsory items to be worn at Grading are football boots and shin pads. You are not permitted to train without these.

Last year I was not placed in a team?

If you register but don’t attend grading, and don’t tell us, we do not know to put you into a team. Be proactive and tell us whether you are playing. Or we may presume you deregistered and left..

Are seniors graded? I want to play with my mates.

We do not grade individual senior players. Seniors are welcome to play with mates. Your team will be assessed for the most suitable HFI competition based on the full team’s ability.

Snrs: I don’t have a team so I don’t know where to grade?

If you are new to BHFC and are looking for a team, contact Cath roundball@bhfc.org.au. Let us know your past experience, where you’d like to play, and we’ll advise you of vacancies and what options we can offer you.

Snrs: What if my team won’t be grading as we have enough players?

If your team is complete and you don’t need players/won’t be grading you must contact us ASAP so we know who is in your team. We can not nominate your team in an HFI competition if you do not contact us. registrar@bhfc.org.au

When are teams announced?

At the conclusion of grading the grading coordinator forms the teams, notifies our registrar, and you will be contacted. The teams are then submitted to HFI to form competitions.

Can I be a coach/manager?

If you would like to coach or manage a team, send your nomination together with an expression of interest to the secretary: Kevin. secretary@bhfc.org.au
Note: all team officials are volunteers at BHFC.

How do I access coach courses or resources?

Our coaching committee offers a variety of funded courses and resources. Let us know what you need and participate in any or all of what we have available.

When will training be?

Teams get together and work out a night to train based on what suits the team members. The manager applies for a training timeslot and training is confirmed. Your coach/manager will communicate with you about this.

When are Trial matches?

Trials matches will be announced after Grading has concluded. Your coach/manager will communicate with you about these. The Trials timetable will also be published on the club website when we know how many teams we have.

What is the Baulkham Hills Football Club Uniform?

The BHFC uniform for U8 – O45 consists of Maroon branded BHFC shorts and maroon socks. Full uniform is compulsory or you will not be permitted to play competition games.

Can I wear my school maroon shorts?

No. BHFC shorts are branded. You must wear BHFC shorts. You may wear any all maroon socks. You may not wear socks with different coloured stripes or hoops, only full maroon socks are considered uniform.

Where do I buy my uniform?

The uniform shop is now only online. Follow the steps on the website. Uniform shop info can be found on the BHFC website at the top menu bar.

Do I need to buy a playing shirt (jersey)?

No. The BHFC jersey is the property of BHFC. You are loaned a shirt for the season and return it at the end of the season. Missing, lost or damaged shirts will need to be reimbursed by the player. You may subsequently be placed on a bond.

What are the compulsory items of clothing I will need for the season?

BHFC shorts, socks and jersey are the only compulsory items of clothing for the season. Caps, club shirt, hoodies, jackets and all other clothing is optional.

Are there any other compulsory items?

Yes. Shin pads and football boots are compulsory safety items. You are not permitted to play without these items. You can choose your favoured style of both. Neither of these items are branded BHFC.

How do I stay informed?

Your first point of call is the BHFC website and our Facebook page. Be sure to like the page and turn on notifications so you are aware of all updates.

Coaches/managers/coordinators & club officials are also on hand to assist.

15 Jan

Child Safety

BHFC is a Child safe Organisation.

Our volunteers are required to observe our policies, including our Guidelines for Interacting with Children and Working with Children Checks.


29 Dec

Premier League Trials and Training 2021

Baulkham Hills FC invite all Interested players who wish to trial for our Premier League Squad for the upcoming 2021 season. The club will be trialling and training each Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7:30pm from the 12th January at Ted Horwood Reserve #4 Baulkham Hills. New players are most welcome to join us. For further details contact Tony 432 056 959

Players from U17 - seniors are also welcome to come for off season training.

01 Nov

New website builder designer needed

Big shoutout to all our BHFC IT gurus and IT students...

Can you help us? We need a new website. We'll run it and update posts etc, but we need someone to build it for us. Contact president@bhfc.org.au

19 Jul

BHFC Covid 19 notification Action Plan

Please find attached our BHFC Covid 19 notification Action Plan.
Bhfc Action Plan Covid Notification

The document also contains NSW Health pdfs procedures for :
* Confirmed Covid cases
* Suspected Covid cases
* Close Contacts
* Melbourne and other hotspots

It is important all members read this document and help us keep them and all in our football family safe.

BHFC is a division of Baulkham Hills Sports
30 May

COVID Information

We have setup a page on the club website with links to documents and information related to COVID and returning to football.

COVID Information

20 Aug



Arrive no more than 15 minutes before kick off.

Leave straight after your game. Concern has been expressed at other grounds about teams staying after games socialising. You must leave the ground at the conclusion of your game.

Let's stay covid safe.

BHFC response- able

21 Jun

Uniform Shop online only


All uniform sales will be online only. Please follow the Uniform Shop link in the top menu bar of this website. Everything you need to know is there. Thankyou for your cooperation.

(Don't beg and plead and put Cath in a difficult situation please. )

10 Mar

Working with Children Check

NOTE to coaches and managers of any players that are under 18 years of age. You must have the following sorted by round 2 of the competition. If not, you will not be permitted to perform your coach/manager role. ACT NOW!

Latest instructions for getting your Working with Children certification and having it recorded are on the club website.

Note If you are planning on coaching or managing children (any ages under 18) this year then you must comply with Working with Children legislation.

Nice work buddy
19 Jun

Volunteer call out

BHFC members young and old,

We're creating a volunteer pool we can draw on when we need jobs ( large and small) done. Please sign up at roundball@bhfc.org.au

Some tasks will be one off, others may be weekly during the season. You let us know how you can help and we'll oblige!

There's a lot to be done and something in our list might take your fancy! Join us to make 2020 memorable! (I hear you: "It's not already memorable enough??")

08 May

Hills Football Alcohol Policy

All senior teams should be aware of the Hills Football Alcohol Policy:

Hills Football Alcohol Policy

20 Jan

Hot Weather Policies

Coaches and Managers should be aware of the FNSW hot weather policy, especially during the early months of the season, February & March. You can read more about it here.

23 Jul


Some great tips in the article below about parental behaviour at childrens' sporting matches.

Parents, Would You Please Behave Yourselves

29 Dec

e-Team Sheet Directions

Please find attached the link for directions on completing the new e-Team Sheets.

If you have any questions please contact Cameron his details are contained here-in.

I Match Sheets Bhfc

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