Coaches and Managers please check your emails.

You should have by now received 3 IMPORTANT emails. I f you haven't received the emails below please contact so we can check we have the correct contact details for you.

Email: 1 Coaches/Managers COVID-19 return to training requests
Email: 2 COVID-19 Return to Training Induction module- Zoom meeting
Email: 3 Zoom invitation

BELOW- Email: 1 Coaches/Managers COVID-19 return to training requests
Dear Coaches and Managers,


It is important to note: No one returns to training until team management has completed the COVID-19 Return to Training Induction module. This module will be in the form of a Zoom meeting for all BHFC Coaches/Managers this Thursday night. Your invitation will follow. Please reply to the invitation as soon as you receive it.
No team will be assigned a training spot unless they have a rep at this meeting.

Please note: All previous training requests are no longer applicable in the current circumstances because COVID-19 guidelines have strict restrictions that must be observed. Previous timetables are in contravention of these regulations.

Training will be 1 hour per week per team. Each field will be limited to 2 teams. Further guidelines will be explained on Thursday in the Induction module. These are FNSW guidelines that must be strictly adhered to in order to observe social distancing.

Please select from one of the following training choices: (Id suggest you talk to your players prior to requesting your spot)
* Monday - Friday 5.30, 6.30, 7.30, 8.30 (1 hour sessions)
* Saturday 8 am - 4pm (1 hours sessions on the hour)

The deadline for requests is Friday 29th May. Teams will be notified after this cut off when their attendance at the induction module has been confirmed.

All training requests should be reply email to Tony Hughes only.

IMPORTANT: In the next few days and weeks you will receive various email notifications from BHFC. It is vital you read EVERY email carefully and respond accordingly. Ignorance of the COVID-19 regulations is no defence and will result in further shut downs to all football activity.

Email: 2 COVID-19 Return to Training Induction module- Zoom meeting
Coaches and Managers,

In the next 24 hours you will receive a Zoom Invitation from our Competition Secretary: Cameron Hume, to attend the BHFC COVID-19 Return to Training Induction Module. This is a compulsory meeting. One representative from each team is required to attend. On the night, an attendance record will be taken. Allocation to training will only occur when attendance at this meeting is confirmed.

Prior to this meeting you must make yourself aware of FNSW guidelines. These can be found at the links below.

These documents will be discussed on Thursday.

Make yourself aware of all these resources and bring all questions to the meeting.

These guidelines are not a suggestion. They are compulsory

You jeopardise your team, our club, the association, & football NSW' return to football if you do not comply with them.

We have been advised by the association that police will be coming to grounds for spot checks- BE WARNED!

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