Congratulations to our League Champion & GF winning Teams

Congratulations to our League Champion teams and the winning Grand Final teams on the weekend. Also congrats to all our Grand Finalists, our Finalists, and Semi Finalists. Lastly, congrats to every single team that represented our club this year for getting in and having a go.

League Champions: U12/4, U13/2, U13/4, U17/18-1, AAM/4 Red, O35L/1 Red, O35/1 Blue

Grand Final Winners: U13/2, O45/2 & O35/1 blue

Grand Finalists: U12/2, U13/1, U13/4, U15/red, U17-18/1, AAM/4 red & O35L/1 red

Finalists: U12/4, U13/3, AAM/5, AAM/8, PL/1 first grade

Semi-finalists: U12/1, U12/5, U15/3, U21/1, O35/2, O35/4 & AAL/2 blue

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