De-registering? DO IT NOW!

Members are advised that if they are no longer able to participate in season 2020, NOW IS THE TIME TO DE-REGISTER. This includes Funskills players.

The opt out/de-register timeframe is tight and players MUST deregister by 11.59pm Friday 12th June. If you do not deregister by this date, you will be considered as playing and will not be eligible for a refund. THIS IS NOT WITHIN OUR CONTROL TO CHANGE.

To be eligible for a refund, players must deregister as follows:

1. To deregister, players must log into their own account on Playfootball (this is where you registered): Go to and request to de-register. DO NOT go to the BHFC website!

2. BHFC will not deregister players. PLAYERS MUST DO IT!

3. Players who deregister will receive confirmation from Hills Football. This should be forwarded to the Treasurer Steve Durante at

4. And with this confirmation, you must also include details of your Financial Institution (Account name, BSB & account number) so your refund can be processed.

NOTE: Players who have claimed insurance or intend to claim insurance due to injuries sustained between the 1st Jan 2020 and the 12th June 2020 will NOT be eligible for a refund.

Active Kids Voucher: Players who Opt out and deregister are NOT eligible to redeem their active kids voucher.

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