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For your convenience, please find below 19 hints and tips to help you with registration. We’ll have more FAQ for pre-season and the season proper in the weeks to come.

How do I register?

Registration is completed online. Simply go to 'Play Football' and select our club: Baulkham Hills Football Club. If you have any questions email our friendly registrar Wendy, she's only too happy to help. registrar@bhfc.org.au

Is it too early to register?

No. Now is the perfect time to register.
Registration opened January 4. Registering early let's us know your intention. This helps us create enough teams for all interested players. It also ensures that you will play in Rnd 1.

Registration is complete when online payment is made in full.

What is the deadline for registration?

To play in Rnd 1 you must be registered by April 1.

You can register after this date but you must register by Tuesday of the week before you want to play.

If you register late, contact the registrar to check when you can play.

Who is eligible to register?

Boys, girls, men and ladies are all welcome to play at Baulko.

Players should be 5 years of age at the younger end of the scale.

At the opposite end of the scale, age is just a number, so if you are keen to play, join us. See if you can break Terry's record!

What age group do I play and register in?

Register and play in the age group that matches your age this year. eg If you turn 8 in 2021 you will play in U8. 17 yr olds and over can play in All Age competitions. 18 -21 yrs play in Youth League. If you are 35 or older you will play in O35s. Same for 45s.

Please note: For our girls, YG is now 16 - 19yrs.

What if I play 'out of age'?

If you intend to play in a competition other than your age group, register and pay for the competition in which you will play. eg If you are 10 but want to play in U11, register and pay for U11 fees. If you are 17 but want to play Youth League, register & pay for Youth League. (Juniors are strongly encouraged to play in their age ).

Does BHFC offer a family discount?

Yes! Family discounts are available to dependent children when a family has 3 or more family members playing for Baulko.

The 3rd dependant child will be refunded 50% fees, the fourth dependant child will be refunded 25% fees and the fifth and successive dependants are free.

Is there a student discount for seniors?

Yes! Full time students are eligible for a discount. Register and pay as normal, then send your proof of study to the registrar and she will refund you the student discount when it is verified.

Note: Proof of study must come from the institution and should have your name, course and programme.

What if I have never played before?

No problem at all! Juniors will be graded into teams of similar ability and will be footballers in no time at all.

Seniors who have never played before are also welcome. It's never to late to start!

What is non-comp football?

Miniroos /Minitildas is modified football for U6 - U13. Miniroos/ Minitildas U6 - U11 do not play a final series. They play for points, but tables are not published.

Miniroos /Minitildas U12 & Minitildas U13 play for points and tables are published. They play finals football if they finish the season in the top 4 of their competition.

Note: Miniroos football is open to boys and girls. Minitildas football is open to girls.
Girls may dual register to play both Saturday and Sunday for the same registration price.

What about the 2020 covid discount?

HFI, our association, will refund 25% sometime during the year. Details are to be confirmed, but don't expect the refund before June.

The refund is only available to players who registered and played in season 2020. If you de-registered you WILL NOT get the discount.

When does the season start?

U8 - O45 will commence the season on the weekend of: April 8,9,10. The season will be 18 rounds followed by a finals series for U12 - O45.

Funskills (U6 & U7) commencement date is yet to be determined. It will be no earlier than above, but it may be delayed by a week .

When are games played?

Ladies O35 and social O35 men play Friday nights.

U6 - O45 Mixed (jnr boys & girls) and men's football is played Saturdays

Female football: U9G - AAL is played on Sundays.

NOTE: HFI determine game times and locations NOT Baulkham Hills FC.

Where do I play?

U8 - O45 play 'home' games at Ted Horwood Reserve. 'Away' games are played at your opposition home ground. Female football is played at 'host' grounds in 'hubs'.

Funskills football is played at Ted Horwood Reserve EVERY week.

What team will I be in?

Juniors are graded by the BHFC grading coordinator and placed in ability based teams to ensure they enjoy their football , develop skills and are actively engaged in the game.

Seniors form their own teams which are graded by BHFC based on the skill level of the whole team.

Who will coach/manage my team?

Senior teams nominate their own manager. Junior teams will have a coach appointed. All coaches and managers are volunteers. If you are interested in coaching we can help with courses and resources, please contact secretary@bhfc.org.au

Snrs: What if I have no team?

Seniors are welcome to join Baulkham Hills Football Club as individual players without a team of mates.

If you are looking for a team, contact the registrar before you register so we can confirm your team placement.

registrar@bhfc.org.au (Wendy)

Can I bring a whole team over to BHFC?

New teams are always welcome at Baulko. Seniors who bring a new team to BHFC should contact the President: president@bhfc.org.au

We will check past experiences and behaviour of all team members.

Juniors are graded, so all players will be assessed before being placed in teams.

How do I stay informed?

Your first point of call is the BHFC website and our Facebook page. Be sure to like the page and turn on notifications so you are aware of all updates.

Coaches/managers/coordinators & club officials are also on hand to assist.

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