Grading times and places attached.

Please remember:

EVERYONE: Players must be registered to be eligible to participate in grading. Registration is only complete when payment in full is received.

SENIORS: Please make sure you attend grading so we know it is your intention to play/ form a team. Don't presume we know you intend to play. We're good- just not that good!

JUNIORS (U8 - U18): Please make sure you attend all 3 grading weeks. Each session is different, with each being used to form the basis of grading decisions.

FUNSKILLS (U6, U7): New players are required to attend one of these grading nights to bring in ID (originals only please), and collect/ buy uniforms. This needs to be done before the season commences (Wks 2 or 3 of grading only- Uniform SHop is not open Wk 1 grading). Choose whichever night is suitable for you and meet Cath in the room at the end of field #2.

GIRLS: You can dual register in both a mixed junior team (Saturday games) and a female only team (Sunday teams). If that is your intention please attend grading for both teams.

Grading 2020 Timetable

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