Gradings & Safety

* Field 1 is out of bounds every Thursday for next 3 weeks between 5pm - 7pm as it is being used for cricket training. U14 grading has been moved to field 4.

* Reminder to all players and teams: The cricket club has the lease of fields 1 - 3. This means they have priority use of the grounds. Please keep right away from them. If football grading has moved to half a field to accommodate cricket, parents please keep siblings out of the 'no go buffer zone' between football grading and cricket training.

It is important also not to walk through a cricket training sessions on the way to grading. Out of courtesy (and safety), please walk around the field rather than through the centre. Cricketers may need to use the nets as well as the centre pitch

This will also apply to the netball courts when netball resumes training in a week or so. Please keep siblings on bikes and scooters away from any other sporting division's training. Thankyou

* Parents: please don't drop your children off in the driveway next to field 1. The children have been entering field 1 right in front of the cricket nets, and it is very dangerous to walk near the nets while cricketers are training. Please use the pedestrian entry gate on Park Rd to enter field 1.

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