New Amenities- Grey building open

Thanks to recent council development at the Ted Horwood precinct, the new amenities block, aka the grey building (formerly known as the green building), is now open.

The new block contains much needed toilets, change rooms and storerooms. To help you navigate the new block, below are the locations of each of these facilities.

* Disabled and ladies toilets are on the canteen end of the block, accessed via entry gate/doors on the TH#1 side of the building.
* Men's toilets can be found on the opposite end of the building, accessed via an entry gate/door adjacent to the children's playground. Please keep this door closed at all times.
* Change rooms are either side of the storeroom in the centre of the building. The change rooms are accessed via doors/gates on the TH#2 side of the building. Each change room has two showers.
Please note: In an 'interesting' (?!) design feature, the showers in each of the change rooms are visible from the entry door, to whomever is walking past. To ensure your privacy, and protect you from any accusations of impropriety please make sure that the door to the change rooms is closed whenever the showers are being used. We will raise this with the council and see what can be done to provide an internal privacy wall of some sort.
* The match day field equipment is now stored in the centre storeroom between the change rooms.
* There are also additional storerooms in the building that will remain locked each weekend.

The block is clean and tidy. Enjoy the new facilities and help us keep them in good condition.

Thanks for your patience while this project has been undertaken.

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