O60s football survey

Members are invited to take part in a survey conducted by BHFC's Keith Pierce. O60s football is a passion for Keith and he's interested in hearing from anyone who'd like to be involved.

Please only participate if you are over 60 yrs. Feel free to share this survey with anyone who is in that category and interested in continuing football. You don't necessarily have to be BHFC members to participate, but for the sake of authenticity, only respond if you are actually interested in playing O60s football.


The survey is 4 easy questions. It will take less than a minute to complete. If you have any further input and would like to contact Keith please do that offline.

NOTE: This survey is not connected in any way with Baulkham Hills Football Club (BHFC) or Hills Football Association (HFI). It is not reproduced here in any affiliated capacity by either organisation.

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