Pre Season Mega Update

Lots of stuff here regarding Trials, Regos, Photos, Sports Club Memberships, Team Gear, etc.


  • Please check the website regularly for updates about trials. Only contact Manuel if you cannot play. He is not able to move times/swap teams etc. as it is a very tight timetable.
  • Referees are not allocated for trials. Ideally, please try to arrange referees in advance of games.
  • Nets etc should not be used for trials. For small sided games and full sided games on fields without posts, please use agility poles for goalposts.

Thanks to Manuel Bonnici for organising trials. Last week’s weather added a great amount of work to this process but a number of teams were still able to get a game.


Please be aware that no rego means no play. This includes trials. So that we can help you get on the park asap please contact Wendy ( if you have rego problems.

Registration must be complete by Thursday for players to play the following weekend. (Including trials) This means players need to have paid rego and (for over 18s) sent a photo of their Sports Club membership card to before or by Thursday at the latest.

Rego Photos

You need a new registration photo in the following cases:

  • New players u10s and up.
  • For under 10s to under 16s: if the age you're turning this year is one of: 10, 12, 15.
  • For under 17s up to over 45s, if the age you're turning this year is a multiple of 5. e.g. 20, 25, 30, 35, etc.

Photos can be taken by Wendy, the club registrar, or Cath, the club equipment officer, whenever the Uniform shop is open (check here).

Proof of age

If you are new to the club this year or returning to the club this year, you will need to show Wendy an original proof of date of birth. Please contact Wendy ( to make arrangements to do this asap.


Thankyou to the teams and players who have organised gear. Please remember if you need to organise gear or team bags please email well in advance of when you require goods. Cath will email reply and let you know when to collect. Please give Cath more than 24 hours to get this done.

Please do not assume that the uniform shop will be open whenever there are games at TH. The website will be updated regularly to advise of opening times.

Team bags will be packed according to how many compliant regos you have as of each Thursday. If you are unsure of which team members you need to follow up, email Cath early in the week and she will help you with details of players with info still required. If you require extra gear, ie replacement training balls, extra shirts etc email Cath.

NB. Match Balls will be arriving soon. Keep an eye on the website for details.

Zip Jackets

There have been a couple of enquiries about ordering zip jackets. Hoodies are always available in the shop $25. However zip jackets will need to be ordered in. If you would like to order jackets, we’ll have to do that ASAP.

Please email by this weekend to let Cath know if you would like to order a zip jacket. $55. Deadline for expressions of interest: 19th Mar (To see if an order is viable. We need at least 20 to place an order as these are not ‘off the shelf’ items) If we have enough people interested, the order will be placed: 27th March. That means Cath will need money and sizes before the 27th


If you are unsure who can handle your issue, Tony, our club secretary, can help you with that. Please direct all your enquiries to the secretary: Tony.

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