Registration 2021

Registration for the 2021 season is OPEN NOW!.

Below are the steps to register for 2021. Please remember we now use 'Play Football' . The process is quite straight forward.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to register in and pay accordingly for the age group you intend to play rather than your chronological age.
eg. If you turn 11 in 2021 but intend to play in U12, register as an U12 player, similarly players turning 7 in 2021 who wish to play in U8 should register as U8s.
This applies to all players in any age eg a 17 year old who wishes to play in seniors should register as PL/AAM/ or PYL as the case may be..

Step By Step Players Rego
Step By S Tep Rego Coach

Direct all queries to the registrar:

IMPORTANT: There is a HFI enforced Registration cut off to play Round 1. Please make sure you don t leave registration queries til the last minute or you may miss R1 . Late registrations are accepted after this date for Round 2 onwards.. dates will follow

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