Handling of Regrades

A message from Hills Football regarding the regrading and allocation of points in the new tables.

“The round 4 competitions regrades are now complete and final.

We have spent a lot of time analysing each division and made the decisions that we feel are the best for ALL participants. It was our intention to make each competition competitive.

Now, we will be working on finalising the draws and determining the points for each of the regraded teams.

Here is the process we will follow:

Teams being promoted
Teams will receive ¾ of the points earned in the lower division

Teams being relegated
Teams will receive the same amount of points as the team positioned last in their new division

Divisions that have been merged
These divisions and teams will be analysed in a case by case scenario.
The competition committee, in its absolute discretion, will determine points that are determined to be fair and reasonable.

The tables will be updated from today and will be completed early next week.

We thank you for your patience and understanding

Good luck to all teams for the rest of the season.”

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