SHFA Talent Identification program

The SHFA is looking at running a Talent Identification program for U10 - U15 boys and girls. There will be four boys teams in each age group and there will be two combined girls teams, U10 - U12 playing U10 boys and U13 - U15 playing U13 boys. The boys will play six games on sundays and the girls will play on friday nights (U10 and U13 boys teams will have one game against the girls teams) Training would be probably be on friday nights.

At this point in time we are seeking applications from interested coaches to coach these teams. They do not have to be current coaches and maybe some Premier League players would wish to be involved.

Applications should be sent to Steve O'Connor (Technical Director SHFA) at detailing coaching qualifications, experience and preferred age group to coach.

Any enquiries should be directed to

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