Team Nominations

Players must be registered by February 23rd in order to be included in team nominations.

This season the Club will nominate teams to Hills Football to meet the association’s deadline of 2 March 2018.

To enable the Club to achieve this deadline we must have your team nomination by Friday 23 February.

An acceptable team nomination is a list of the required minimum number of eligible players.

The required numbers are:

  • U8 & U9 [7 vs 7] – min. 7 of the target of 9 players per team;
  • U10 & U11 [9 vs 9] – min. 9 of the target of 12 players per team;
  • All other teams {from U12 through to AA, O35 & O45 } – min. 10

Players must be fully registered [paid in full] and senior players must hold current membership of the Sporting Club

Failure to meet these minimum requirement will result in your team nomination not going forward.

The team nomination should be emailed to by the due date in the form of:

Age Group:

Player name, FFA #, Club membership number [for senior players]]; and requested grade

Junior team lists will be formed initially from the grading process.

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