Training Attendance Sheet

I Comp Man Training Attendance
Please see the email below form the Association reminding us to continue with the
training registers and limiting numbers at the grounds.

As some have noted, the training registers can be completed on iCompman. If you
would prefer to use iCompan for your training register, please email me
confirming you have completed the training register each week in iCompman.
Please include your team in the confirmation mail. I won’t be checking to see
that it has been completed. Instructions attached. Please note, I don’t know
how to use it. Happy to continue to receive the paper training registers.

On another matter, as some of you experienced last Saturday, there were issues
with iCompman. They had two glitches, one at around 08:15am and at 10:00am.
In both cases it took about 10-20 minutes to restore the service. During these
periods the system was running very slow or was unavailable. We have been
advised that the issues have been resolved.

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