Many hands make light work

Note: All committee members are unpaid volunteers. Please be nice to them.

President Tony Hughes 0432 056 959
Vice President David Burns 0414 878 407
Secretary Kevin Robinson 0419 465 190
Assistant Secretary Terry Minton 0413 087 467
Treasurer Danny Yu 0413 450 066
Competition Secretary Cameron Hume 0418 664 900
Registrar Wendy Gardner 0409 850 549
Equipment Manager Cath
Club Editor
VP Ladies Sophie Bremner 0403 170 924
Publicity Officer      
Member Protection Officer Bronwyn Henson  
Canteen Manager Tony Hughes    
Football Association Delegate      
Football Association Delegate Terry Minton    
Football Association Delegate Keith Pierce    
Web Master Stevie Taylor
Trial Games Coordinator Mick Hollins
Grading Coordinator Rob Vallis    
Referee’s Coordinator Jim Moreland    
Mini Roos Coordinator TBA    

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