Revised Constitution & By Laws

Both the constitution and by laws have received a major overhaul to bring them up to date with respect to modern processes and to more correctly correspond to adopted practices. Thanks go especially to Terry Minton who has driven the process. The most significant changes are described below on this webpage.

There will be an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Monday 6th March in order to formally adopt the new Constitution and By Laws.

EGM Meeting Agenda

In order to prevent the EGM from consuming too much time, the following system will be in place:

  1. Interested parties must review the proposed constitution and by-laws in advance of the meeting and send any comments through to Terry Minton ( in advance of the meeting.
  2. The EGM will only go through comments that were submitted in advance of the meeting. i.e. we will not take new comments on the night.
  3. Insignificant typos, grammatical changes, etc do not all need to be cleaned up before we can vote in the new constitution and by laws. Instead, such things can be left to a clean up effort at a later date.


Changes to Club Constitution

The major changes to the club constitution are as follows:

  • Recognition of affiliation of our club with Hills Football Incorporated.
  • Aims of club enhanced to recognise that the club aims to "actively foster the football skill development of BHFC inc. Members as Players, Coaches, Managers and/or Referees."
  • Definition of club membership extended to include parents of players.
  • Definition of “year” changed from calendar year to mean the period of 1st October to 30th September.
  • Committee:
    • "Ladies Coordinator" committee role replaced by the "Ladies Vice President", the latter to be a member of the Executive Committee.
    • A member may not be elected to more than one Executive Committee position in a given year. This was formerly two positions.
    • "Referees Coodinator" role added to the management committee.
    • "Information Technology Officer" role added to the management committee.
    • "Editor of Roundball Review" role renamed to "Editor"
  • Member conduct:
    • "Any BHFC inc. member deemed guilty of conduct considered prejudicial to the interests of the Division may be expelled from participating in BHFC inc’s affairs by the Executive Committee at an Executive Committee meeting called for that purpose.". Expulsion was formerly the role of the divisional meeting.
  • Special Meetings
    • Requirement for notice reduced from 14 to 7 days.
  • Motions on Notice and Rescission Motions
    • Requirement for notice reduced from 14 to 7 days.
  • Insurance Cover:
    • Section simplified to remove explicit monetary amounts

Other changes to the constitution largely are simply changes in formatting, numbering, etc.

Changes to Club By Laws

The major changes to the club By Laws are as follows:

  • Coaches & Managers:
    • Explicit mention of child protection requirements.
    • Removal of outdated details about collecting of registration fees by managers.
    • Splitting out of Age coordinator role.
    • Conduct:
      • Addition of "The decision of the executive is final if a member is deemed unfit to Coach/manage a team and as such is stood down".
  • Registration
    • Updated to match online nature of registration process.
    • Explicit mention of fee discounts for families and playing life members.
    • Added description of de-registration process.
  • Grading
    • Player movement section simplified to state that our club will follow the relevant Association by laws.
    • Playing up an age no longer requires executive approval. Instead, such requests "shall be considered on an individual basis and conforming with the Association guidelines".
  • Selection
    • This section has been removed entirely. It described processes for standing down of players by coaches, and players being borrowed into a higher division.
  • Under 6s and 7s
    • Addition of explicit rules regarding age requirements for each age group.
    • Expansion of details regarding the format of the 6s and 7s program.
  • Awards
    • Overall update & expansion of this section to match current practice.
  • Presentations
    • Addition of this section which describes the processes surrounding the junior presentation day and the senior presentation night.

Other changes to the by laws are largely simply changes in formatting, numbering, etc.

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