The Sportsperson Award

Each Round, three players in each team (from U8’s – O45’s), will be nominated to receive 3, 2, or 1 point/s after their game. The 3,2,1 points are to be distributed at the team’s discretion. They may be awarded by a different parent each week, or voted for by players / parents each week. The Sportsperson Award is generally for the most consistent player, however teams have the ability to acknowledge other forms of Sportsman like behaviour in the awarding of the weekly points.


Points for each round will be accepted on The Match Report. The Match Report is due Monday (by midnight) after the game is played. Sportsman Award points will not be post-dated. They will be awarded weekly. If none are received by the following weekend, no points will be awarded for the previous match.

The points will be tallied by the Roundball Reporter and the player with the highest points score at the conclusion of the season, will receive the team’s Sportsman Award for the year. Only points submitted to the Roundball Reporter each week will be used in calculating the winner of this award. The editor will submit the names for trophies at Presentation.

N.B. Each Coach will submit his/her Coaches Award recipient as usual at the end of the season. The Coaches Award is a separate award.

Coaches may need to email the Roundball Reporter at the end of the season to find out the recipient’s name, as the same player cannot receive both the Coach and Sportsperson Award for a team in the same season.

(Please note: Girls who play in a mixed team on a Saturday and a girl’s team on a Sunday are eligible to receive the Sportsperson Award for either or both teams.)

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