10 Division 4 2017

07 Aug

Fantastic Comeback

U10/4 v North Rocks Win 3-1

A good game and a great result. A fantastic comeback by the whole team after being 1 nil down at Halftime. All three goals were outstanding, they all came off the back of some great lead up work which involved numerous players. Our off the ball movement was one of the key factors of us winning today and coupling this with our enthusiasm we managed to outplay North rocks in what was shaping up to be a tight match. An awesome effort today by everyone which always makes the coach HAPPY. Well Done.

POTM: Joel

20 Jun

Great Win! Great Sportsmanship!

U10/4 v Castle Hill United B Round 11 Won 9-1

A pleasing result today, not only because we won the game but also in the way we conducted ourselves on the field. Even though the score was one sided you all made a great effort to allow Castle Hill to play. It is hard for this to happen and you should all be commended for your show of sportsmanship towards the other team, GREAT STUFF. Our own game was great to watch and all those little things we are learning at training are being brought through to our weekend games. It was especially pleasing to see our movement of the ball and switching of the play and what effect this has on the game when done properly. So an outstanding effort by everyone today, and I’m sure your parents will all be very proud of you. WELL DONE.

Player of the match:

The WHOLE team!

21 May

A Lesson in Character

Baulko 10/4s v Rockets 13/05/17

A very pleasing display in all aspects of the game today. Firstly, it was great to see Zach is back after having a few weeks off and what we saw today he hasn’t lost any of his touch. Secondly what we are learning at training is starting to reap benefits on game day and this is reflecting with our results. But in saying that we are also understanding the importance of fair play and gamesmanship against the team we are playing. The Rockets played well and tried very hard throughout the whole match and when we could sense that the score was becoming too one sided the whole B/Hills team stopped trying to score and instead tried to help and encourage them. This it must be said was the highlight of the game and when their coach came over after the game to congratulate all of you on your sportsmanship it was definitely a better feeling than winning by a ridiculous amount of goals. So on that note I’ll leave it, as we really learnt more today about our own characters and this was way more pleasing than winning the game. ABSOLUTELY WELL DONE GUYS!!!!!!

Player of the Match: Cooper D

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