12 Division 4 2017

07 Aug

Player Down!

12/4 v Rouse Hill Rams Win 2-1

The boys had a great game this week.

They played very well and were attacking for most of the game. We were down a player and the boys made up for that with some great play, particularly Luke S, Jon and Alex who seemed to be everywhere!

Well done!

POTM: Luke S

13 Jul

Very Clinical

Baulko 12/4s v Hills Knights Win 3-2

What a fantastic game! The boys played a very clinical game this round and it resulted in a great win against the top team. All of the boys played with a real purpose, with Braden and Luke P putting in a huge effort. Jon ran the midfield and seemed to be everywhere and Sam C and Jacob ran the sides beautifully with Sam C taking some amazing corner kicks. Riley had the defense covered brilliantly and used his speed perfectly. The boys had been practising using their bodies to control the ball and Alex took it to the next level with the most amazing header! Lachie’s directions from goals are getting better and better, in fact all of the boys were talking really well between themselves.

Keep it up!

20 Jun

The One That Got Away

U12 Division 4 v Castle Hill United Round 11 Loss 1-4

This game got away from the boys unfortunately. The first half went well with everyone holding their positions and tackling well with Riley scoring our only goal.

With the score at 1-1 at half time, the boys took to the field for the second half but had difficulty tackling for the ball and their positioning fell away which led to the final score.

Lachie did a great job at goalie and Connor played really well also, chasing well and positioning himself to make a big difference in the game.

Riley’s goal was great and he did some beautiful crosses as well.

Better luck next week boys.

POTM: Lachlan E

07 Jun

Goal Scoring Spree Continues

U12/4s v Rams Win 6-0

The boys played very well this round and ended up winning against a team who beat them the first time they played. Everyone held their positions beautifully and it was great to hear Riley giving directions from the back! Matt had some absolutely fantastic runs up the field and Sam C had one of his best games yet.

Samuel L had an opposition player that was substantially larger than him but never faltered in his tackles and more often than not came away with the ball.

Ayudh’s goal scoring spree continued with 4 goals as well as a goal from Sam C and one from Jacob too.

Well done boys, keep up the improvement every week!

Hat Trick Hero: Ayudh

POTM: Samuel

24 May

Very Good Opponents

Baulko 12/4s v Glenhaven

The boys had another great game this weekend and were matched well against very good opponents.

This game saw the first one for the season that we had a full team, which was great.

They played a very defensive game this weekend with Ayudh scoring our two goals.

Alex and Luke P had fantastic games this week at the back and had some great tackles. Samuel L played his best game so far this season in the midfield, keep it up Sam!

Well done boys!

Player of the Match: Sam L

21 May

Playing Short

Baulko 12/4s v Hills Knights 13/05/17

This week the boys had to play a man short against a very good team.

Luke S was getting much more involved in this game and Lachie had to work very hard in goals.

Ayudh scored the first hat trick of the season for the team!

The boys need to work a bit more on their passing as well as tackling this week at training and hopefully next week we will be back to a full team and at their best.



21 May

Another Great Game

Baulko 12/4s v Kolts 06/05/17

The boys had another great game this weekend against a very good opponent.

The first half was mostly defensive with a clinical counter attack leading to a great goal by Sam C and subsequent goals by Connor and Ayudh.

The second half was mostly attacking however we managed to score only once thanks to Ayudh again.

All of the boys are playing really well this season and work well as a team which has been great to see. A special mention goes to Matt at center midfield who setup our second goal perfectly and to Riley in center fullback whose defense was excellent.

Well done boys!
Player of the Match: Riley

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