6 Sydney FC 2017

13 Jul

Very Enthusiastic

U6 Sydney FC July 1, 2017

The team were all very enthusiastic this week and pushed up the field strongly and all contributed. Toby received the player of the week with a strong effort for the whole match.

13 Jul

Well Matched

U6 Sydney FC June 24, 2017

Well matched game with both teams really having a good hit out against each other, Harri landed he first goal and did some great clearing kicks and received the player of the week award.

13 Jul

Lent players starred

U6 Sydney FC Game 7 June 17, 2017

Played the Jets this week who were down on troops, to even up the numbers Callam played for the Jets in the first half and Taine helped them out in the second half. Unfortunately for us they both played really well!

Given Callams performance (for the Jets) he earned player of the week.

13 Jul

Improving week by week

U6 Sydney FC Round 6 June 3, 2017

Good effort put in by all the players this week after 6 games the team is improving week by week which is great to see.

05 Jun

Advanced Technical Skills?

U6 Sydney FC v Wanderers Round 8

Was another bright and sunny day with the whole team present for their match against the Wanderers. The team is starting to play as more of a unit and the coach is now trying to advance some of their technical skills to which they are responding quite well. It was a good team effort on the weekend with Taine showing off some good passing skills, the man of the match went to Eduardo who scored his first goal which was well deserved.

21 May

Chance to Sub Off Appreciated

Sydney FC v Glory 06/05/17

We were up against Glory this week and all five players were on deck which gave them all a chance to sub off which I think they appreciated as it was again another pretty warm day for this time of the year.

The team all put in a good effort as did their opposition and there was improvement shown by all the players in FC, Taine had a great match with strong defensive efforts and solid striking and earned himself player of the week.

21 May

Improved Skills

Sydney FC v City 13/05/17

We were up against City this week and played well displaying some improved skills with their passing to each other and communication whilst on the field, player of the week went to Toby who put in an all round good effort in both attack and defence.

21 May

Good Sportsmanship

Sydney FC v United 29/04/17

Sydney FC were up against United this week, special mention this week goes out to Taine for some great shooting, Toby for scoring his first ever goal in soccer, Eduardo for having a great first hit out for the year however, man of the match goes to Harri for being a good sport and offering to help out and play for United who were down on players.

21 May

First Game After 2 Washouts

U6 Sydney FC v Heart 22 April 2017

Was the first game of the season with the first two rounds being washed out, the boys all played very well and managed to tough it out through the warm conditions without any complaint.

Man of the match went to Callan who showed some great footwork and dribbling skills, the team and their opposition all had a lot of fun and all the players showed great sportsmanship.

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