8 Kangaroo 2017

LOSS 2 -5

The team started with 6 players and no goal keeper vs 9 players. The 7th player arrived at 5 mins in. We scored first against good defence and the score at half time was 1-1. We scored again 10 mins in to the second half to lead 2-1. After that the lack of reserves meant the boys wilted in the 30+ deg heat and the opposition who was rotating players each 5 mins, scored 4 goals in the last 10 minutes to win 5-2.

07 Aug

Wonderful Teamwork and Passing

8 Kangaroos v Hills Knights Win 3-1

Great game to watch today. The Kangaroos played a really good game of soccer today, with wonderful team work and passing between them.

The team showed great concentration throughout the entire game and came away with a well-deserved win!!

POM went to Finn for great defense in the backs, he was all over the ball when it came down his end of the field. Well Done Finn!

07 Aug

A Close game

U8 Kangaroos v North Rocks Loss 0-2

Was a close game between the U8 Kangaroos and North Rocks team.

They had some great defense and passing between the players has improved significantly over the last few weeks.

The team had many opportunities to score and were unlucky not to get on the board again this week.

Player of the match went to James for great defense throughout the game. Well Done!

13 Jul

Need More Precise Shooting

U8 Kangaroos v Rockets Loss 2-4

This week the team were a little short on players, with James coming off early in the match with an injury.

The team did really well considering the numbers, with some more precise shooting the end result could have gone the Kangaroos way.

Nick was Player of the Match for some great goalkeeping and great defending. Well Done!!

13 Jul

An Even Match

U8 Kangaroos v Rockets B, Round 13 Draw 0-0

This was an even match between the two teams, some great passing and defense.

The Kangaroos were unlucky not to get some points on the board.

Kasey was our POM for the game with great ball skills and was always first to the ball.

28 Jun

Still had Lots of Fun

Baulko 8 Kangaroos v Hills Knights A Round 12 Loss 2-10

It was a tough match against the strong Hills Knights A team this week.

We tried our best in an uneven match, with great defense from Carter and Jacob in goals.

Our team still maintained positions and passed the ball well but were out skilled by the other team this week. But the team still had lots of fun 😊

Jacob took player of the match out with some great defensive work all game- well done Jacob!

13 Jul

Great Team Spirit

U8 Kangaroos v Kellyville Kolts Round 10, July 2

The Kangaroos were short of players for this game, but with the help of Harry, Murray and Sebastian from the U8 Dingoes they could come away with a solid win.

Thankyou for the extra players Dingoes, we really appreciate your team spirit!

20 Jun

Evenly Matched

U8 Kangaroos v Rouse Hill Rams Round 11 Loss 0-1

This was a very evenly matched game between the two teams this week, which made it a great game to watch.

The Kangaroos held their positions well throughout the game, with lots of great passing and running after the ball.

This week’s player of the match went to Aidan who showed great defense throughout the game- well done Aidan!
07 Jun

Another Great Game

U8 Kangaroos v Glenhaven Round 9 Win 4-0

This was a good game against the Glenhaven team.

The Kangaroos were a bit slow to start but they found their rhythm and played another great game of soccer.

Jacob was in goals and had some tremendous saves, never taking his eye of the ball.

Carter had a great game up front, he held his position well and had some great passing and scored 2 of the team goals and was the Player of the Match for the week.

Oliver was again great at moving the ball around the field and with some great passing helped assist the team’s goals.

Aidan scored one of the goals with some great dribbling and danced around the opposition well!

Finn was in goals for the second half and was able to keep the Glenhaven team from scoring.

Kasey, James and Nick did well on the field, holding their positions and passing well, and Nick even scored the first goal for the day.

Great game Kangaroos!!

24 May

Improving Each Week

8 Kangaroos v North Rocks 20/05/17

The team started out well this week against the North Rocks team.

Finn was goalie for the first half and did a fantastic job defending and kept his eyes on the ball with several good saves.

Carter and James were in the backs and did well in getting the ball out of the oppositions half with some great long kicks.

Ollie was again attacking the ball well and had some great runs with the ball, scoring the team’s only goal. Aidan helped with some support up front and had some good runs with the ball as well.

Nicholas showed some great passing and positioning with the ball and Jacob was tackling the ball well with some great steals.

Ryan helped out the team this week as Kasey was unable to play and we thank him for such a great game.

Unfortunately, we lost a bit of our momentum in the second half and the North Rocks team stepped up their game with three goals in the second half, resulting in a 1-3 loss for the Kangaroos this week.

Overall the team are improving each week with their positioning and passing and look forward to the next week’s game.

Player of the match this week went to Finn for a great defensive game- well done Finn!

21 May

Very Early Start

Kangaroos v Rockets 06/05/17

It was a very early start for the Kangaroos this week which saw a tough match against the Rockets.

Highlights for this week were:

Kasey had a fantastic game overall, with her eyes on the ball the whole game. She did well in defense and was great at stealing the ball from her opponents. She was awarded Player of the Match for an outstanding game.

Oliver was in goals first half and did a wonderful job in defending. He was kept busy the whole half and in the second half saw some great runs with the ball.

Carter was in the backs for the first half and showed great skill in getting the ball out of our opponents end with some great long kicks. For the second half, he was in goals and showed great concentration.

This week’s focus will be on accurate passing and ensuring we hold our positions throughout the game.
Player of the Match: Kasey

21 May

Tough Game

8 Kangaroos v Hills Knights 22/04/17

This week’s match was a tough game against the Hills Knights.

The Kangaroo’s were enthusiastic to hit the ground, with Kasey doing some great warm up practice as goalie. She did well in the first half as a lot of the action was seen down her goal end.

Jacob, Aidan and Oliver had some great runs with the ball throughout the game which was good to see.

Carter had another good game of chasing after the ball and trying his best at stealing the ball from the opposition.

James was in goals for the second half and did his best against the Knights saving a number of certain goals.

Nicholas controlled the ball well with lots of running on the field and again in the backs saw some great defense from Finn.

The opposition proved too much for the team, but with some consistent training around positioning and strong passes we will prove a stronger team next time we meet J

21 May

Great Passing and Tackling

U8 Kangaroos

Kellyville Kolts














Bernie Mullane

This week saw the whole team on the field, which was great to see.

The game saw some great passing and tackling throughout which was wonderful to watch from the sidelines.

The first half was filled with some great defense, with Cater in goals for the first half, he managed to stop some great attempts.

In the mids we saw Kasey and Finn get into the action with some great tackles and stealing the ball from the opposition.

James, Oliver, Jacob and Nicholas all did a great job with bringing the ball down to our goals allowing the team to score on a number of occasions.

The second half saw Aidan in goals and he did really well in stopping a number of certain goals. It was great to see the team working so well together in defending their own goals.

This half saw a lot of defense which kept the team on their toes and we walked away with a 4 all draw.

Great game to watch team and we look forward to our next game.

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