U8s Rabbit 2017

07 Aug

Lots of Goals

U8 Rabbits v Norwest Win 7-0

Another great game, a lot of goals scored by Baulko but coach Greg was most happy that they all came from great team work with good passing and talking leading up to the goals. Cailen had a great day as captain, scoring 3 goals and from his unfavorable right leg. Well done to our other goal scorers Hamish L (who also scored off his unfavorable left leg), Julian and Marley. Great keeping from Marley and Juliet and a great team effort all round.

Player of the match goes to Cailen.
07 Aug

Inspired by Arsenal

8/4 Rabbits v Castle Hill Utd B Win 4-1

The team was pumped after their attendance at the Arsenal v Sydney FC game this week. They went back to basics spreading out more and passing like professionals. Julian put through a perfect pass to Hamish L who finished it off in the back of the net with his left foot. Julian played like the Arsenal scouts were watching and scored a cracking left foot volley. Well done to Hamish L, Xavier and Julian for scoring goals but congratulations goes to the team for their team work and passing in the lead up to those goals.

Player of the match goes to Hamish L.
13 Jul

Coach and Supporters very Proud

U8 Rabbits v CHU Loss 1-3

Baulkham Hills played a tough game, experiencing unsportsmanlike conduct from their opposition. They kept their heads up, battled through and played a good game. Their support and concern for each other and their team spirit made coach Greg and their supporters very proud.

Thanks to Harry R for backing up and helping the Rabbits after his hard fought game.

Player of the match goes to Juliet.
13 Jul

Stand In Coach a Hit?

U8 Rabbits v North Rocks Win 6-0

A great team effort from Baulko. Stand in coach Bel took direction from the team and followed orders from all the mini coaches walking with her along the sideline. Julian and Marley put in a great effort defending North Rocks attempts at goals. New recruit Aiden got involved and made a great impact for his debut game. Xavier was hosting a score-a-thon with 6 great attempts hitting the back of the net. The team talked well and worked like a winning team.

Player of the match goes to Aiden K.

28 Jun

Unlucky not to Score

Baulko 8/4 Rabbits v Rouse Hill Rams B Round 12 Loss 0-2

Baulko played their best game of the season demonstrating their passing, tackling and talking skills putting in a great effort against the team that defeated them first round. It was a very competitive match with Baulkham Hills unlucky not to score on some great opportunities.

Player of the match goes to Joshua and Julian.
20 Jun

Ran All Game

U8/4 - Rabbits v Rouse Hill Rams A Round 11 Loss 1-2

Baulko put in a good effort. Hamish L did an amazing job in goals and made a professional save to deny the opposition a goal. Rouse Hill had Baulko running all game putting the pressure on the team to defend which wore them out, Rouse Hill scored near the end to take the win. Good talking from Hamish Chetty and Juliet.

Player of the match goes to Xavier

13 Jul

Ran out of Time

U8 Rabbits Round 10, July 2 v Kellyville Kolts Loss 1-3

Baulkham Hills showed up ready to go, they were disheartened by the Kolts 3 goals early in the first half. Hamish scored a cracker of a goal that lifted the team’s spirits but we ran out of time to make a winning come back. Player of the match goes to Marley for his all round effort.

07 Jun

Great Team to Watch

U8 Rabbits v Knights Round 9 Win 3-1

A great game to watch with both teams showing a lot of heart. Knights did a great job to stop several of Baulko’s attempts at goal and were great at clearing the ball when they got the chance. Excellent on field talking/yelling from Juliet, now to teach the players to listen to the on field calls.

Player of the match goes to Hamish C.
29 May

Good Combinations

Under 8/4 Rabbits v Hills Grammar 27/05/17

Another great game! Baulko are starting to get some good combinations going. The talk on the field is improving and passing to each other has become the latest trend. Well done to our goal scorers Xavier (2), Juliet, Julian, Hamish and Hills Grammar. Credit to the whole team for their strong defense not giving the opposition any chances at goal.

Player of the match goes to Xavier
21 May

Gordon Gets the Message

8 Rabbits v Norwest 20/05/17

What a great game! With only 6 on the field, Baulko spread out, used the field and passed to each other well. On top of Xavier’s awesome hatrick Juliet had a one on one with the keeper and got her first goal for the season. Our defense line was strong not allowing Norwest any close attempts at goal. There was extra motivation to beat the opposition today when Cailen’s Dad showed up in his Norwest jersey, our team celebrated each goal with a cheeky sledge as they ran along the sideline past Gordon.

Player of the match goes to Marley

21 May

Just Like Serie A

8 Rabbits v CHU Bs 13/05/17

It was a foggy start at kick off but Baulko spread out and did some great passing. It was a tight competitive match between the teams who were both unlucky with some good attempts at goal. Our keepers Hamish L and Cailen did a great job. Well done to Xavier for scoring 2 great goals and some great attempts at goal were made by Julian, Juliette & Hamish C. Juliette & Marley worked well in defense.Cailen, Julian & Joshua worked well in the middle in tough slippery conditions. Julian entertained the crowd with a spectacular dive after being tripped and got up with his arms out appealing for a penalty….. it was as if we were watching the Italian League J.

Player of the match goes to Hamish.

21 May

Pushing Through the Pain

8 Rabbits v CHU As 06/05/17

Today was our toughest competition yet. United had speed and good ball control which left Baulkham Hills stunned. It was a physical game with Xavier, Marley and Joshua suffering injuries but to their credit they pushed through their pain and went back on to help the team. Juliet, Xavier and Marley did a fantastic job in goals all making great saves. Marley had a full length of the field run finishing with a great goal.

Player of the match goes to Hamish

21 May

Hard Yakka

U8/4 - Rabbits v Rouse Hill Rams Win 4-2

A warm day with no subs meant it was hard yakka with little rest from running for the full 40 minutes.

Marley and Joshua played in goals making some great saves to keep the score line down.

Xavier was hungry to score and had many unlucky attempts on top of his 3 goals scored this week.

With coach Greg focusing on passing there was a lot of up the line plays and passes between the team.

Well done to Xavier on his hat trick.

Player of the match goes to Juliet who ran her heart out all game.

07 Aug

Great All Round Effort

8/4 Rabbits v Hills Grammar Win 7-0

Baulko had a great all round effort today. The team used the entire field and passed the ball around nicely. The backs worked a tight line giving our goalie plenty of time to ponder what they might do after soccer on this fine sunny day. Great talking/yelling by Juliet who is great at getting the team organised and keeping them focused. Congratulations to all our goal scorers: Xavier, Hamish C, Marley (2) and Julian (Hatrick) and well done to the whole team for their team spirit and team work.

Player of the match goes to Aiden.

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